Picking your dream gym

Picking your dream gym

by Eunice Chua 22 Feb 2020

Picking a gym is never easy, be it whether you're looking for a gym for the first time or trying to find a new facility that's better suited to your current training needs. Finding a gym that actually meets your needs and provides you with the environment you need to reach your goals requires some foresight and organisational savvy – here are some considerations to keep in mind when it comes to selecting your your new home away from home.


  • The range of equipment available

One of the most important criterion when it comes to picking a new gym has to be the equipment. You visit the gym with a specific fitness goal in mind, so pick the gym that has the right equipment to get you to where you want to be. If you're looking to excel at the sport of weightlifting, you wouldn't want to settle on a gym that focuses on circuit training and 30-minute lunch classes.


  • The location

You may feel like you don’t mind travelling to go to a further gym but consider how the distance might impact your motivation (and your energy levels) in the long run. Pick a gym that’s convenient to travel to from your home or workplace, so it’s a simpler affair logistically-speaking.


  • Your fellow gym-goers

The type of people that visit your gym make a big difference to your gym experience. After all, these are people you will be training alongside, so you want to look for a gym attended by like-minded people. Gyms tend to differ according to demographics – for example, some gyms cater to younger people while others specialise in senior clients. Make use of your initial visit to observe the crowd before making your choice.


  • The standard of customer service

Even if you're fully self-sufficient and are perfectly capable of navigating any gym environment, the customer service standards should factor into your decision. The level of investment a gym puts into the customer experience reflects just how much they value their customers. No one likes going to a gym where the administrative process is complicated and membership benefits are all over the place. Furthermore, who doesn't like being greeted with a smile the second you pass through those doors?.


  • The gym’s rules

Finally, the rules that apply to all gym-goers is definitely worth paying attention to. You may have certain habits that go against the new gym’s policies, such as the use of chalk or supersets/circuits (yes, some gyms do forbid this due to space constraints). If you find that a gym’s rules are too inflexible, look for another gym. Forcing yourself to compromise when the rules of your training environment ends up diluting your training efficacy will only cost you in the long run.


As long as you consider the factors above, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding a decent enough gym to carry out your training regimen. Always prioritise your goals when it comes to picking a gym and let that be your guide you towards making the right decision!