Practical strategies for successful weight management

Practical strategies for successful weight management

by Natalie L 23 Feb 2020

Have you tried to trim the stubborn fat around your waist before ,only to be met with disappointment time and time again? Losing stubborn weight isn’t easy and can be a huge struggle at times. If you are one of the many who understands the frustrations and challenges of weight-loss, here are some practical strategies to help you out!


1. Choose nutrient-dense, caloric-light food options

Nowadays, the food we eat tend to be laden with oil, sugar, salt and preservatives, and ultimately creates an eating environment where it's high in calories but low in nutrients. They might taste amazing but are ultimately unhealthy and incompatible with weight-loss plans. If you wish to shift towards healthier diets, try cooking at home instead of dining out! Home-cooked food is significantly healthier than those sold at stores, especially when you can control what goes into your meals and how they're prepared. Remember to fill half of your plate with leafy vegetables or fruits and aim to use wholegrains like brown unpolished rice for a more wholesome meal!   


2. Bolster your diet with regular exercise

While nutrition does indeed play a big role in weight-loss, it should not be done in isolation. Complementing your diet plans with regular exercise is important, as both of these methods go hand in hand in maintaining a healthy body. Regular exercise helps to prevent muscle breakdown from weight-loss as it keeps your muscles active. In some instances, you will even gain some lean muscle! In turn, this increase in muscle tissue raises your resting metabolic rate, expediting weight-loss.


3. Eliminate your triggers

To reduce the temptation of snacking on chips or slurping on cola, all you have to do is to simply not buy them! Don’t even walk by the alley of the mart which sells those items! Instead, trade your unhealthy snacks for healthy ones, such as fruits and nuts. When your house is completely devoid of these unhealthy snacks, you won’t have to worry as much about being tempted by chips and soft drinks anymore. 


4. Start adopting a mindful lifestyle

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, remember that having a holistic mindset when it comes to pursuing a better quality of life also has a role in helping you to achieve your weight-loss goals. A lot of times, it's the minor things that fall by the wayside that are responsible for not giving us the amount of progress we yearn for. Here are some key aspects that you should endeavour to keep a watchful eye on:

  • Ensure sufficient quality rest each night
  • Minimise stress at school/ work
  • Moderate alcohol and caffeine consumption


Losing weight is a challenging process and failure can be demoralising. However, there is always a way forward! Believe it or not, many others have faced the troubles that are currently upsetting you and most have overcome them. The secret lies not with some miraculous product or golden equation. Rather, sustainability, consistency and good ol' common sense are what will allow you to emerge a victor.