Re-thinking your skin-care regimen

Re-thinking your skin-care regimen

by Natalie L 24 Feb 2020

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet the care of it is often relegated to an afterthought. It protects our bodies from dirt, injuries and microbial infections, making it an extremely important asset to good health. Smooth, clear skin is also sought after by many simply for aesthetic reasons, even when the benefits are more than skin-deep. However, there are some common mistakes which many people tend to make when it comes to skin care. Here are three of the most common blunders and how you can avoid them. 


1. Excessive exfoliation

We all know the trick of getting clear skin when a breakout occurs — exfoliation. Indeed, exfoliation can help to get rid of stubborn dirt under our skin and prevent acne. However, more is not always better. Excessive exfoliation can severely damage our skin by causing it to be dry and inflamed, ultimately leading to premature ageing of the skin. 


2. Lack of sunblock application

Make-up is a must for most ladies before leaving the house, but what about sunblock? Many people don't have the habit of applying sunblock before leaving their house, even though this is the most basic form of protection for our skin. Without it, our skin tends to age more quickly and brown facial pigmentations are likely to develop. We might not always feel the heat of the sun, but it is always there and its rays can be very damaging to the skin.


3. Inconsistent care regimen

Often at times, we get lazy and stop following through with our routines, especially when we fail to see quick, visible results. The same goes for skin-care; we are all aware that gentle soaps and moisturisers are good for our skin but we might not necessarily follow through with it on daily basis. As a result, many falter in their skin-care regimen due to either a lack of immediate results or discipline. However, the benefits of good skin care only truly reveal themselves at the later stages of life. In other words, don't miss the forest for the trees! Remember, consistent care is the key to healthy skin in the long run!


Our skin is an extremely important organ, and any damage to it will be hard to reverse. Be sure to avoid these three big mistakes, and do not belittle the effect which a proper care regimen can have on your skin!