Rehab your approach to nutrition

Rehab your approach to nutrition

by Pamela Ng 19 Feb 2020

One key aspect of fitness and health is nutrition. Without a proper diet, even the most well-planned of exercise regimens will be rendered useless. Considering the abundance of junk food everywhere however, it can be difficult to create a healthy and sustainable nutrition plan. Here are some things you can do to salvage your diet and turn it into a healthier one:


1. Eat more protein

Protein contains amino acids that help to repair tissues and muscles. It is of no surprise then, why protein is considered to be essential to our bodies. Furthermore, its metabolic cost helps to keep us satisfied for a longer time. Little of protein is stored as fat, and is primary used to repair and maintain muscle mass. Great sources of proteins include eggs, meat, fish and dairy products.


2. Control your carbs

Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. While glucose is the body’s preferred form of energy, too much of it also inhibits the orexin network in your body, slowing down metabolism. To complicate things further, excessive consumption of carbs can even lead to more instances of overeating, resulting in a snowball effect. The solution to this isn’t necessarily to cut out carbs completely, but to eat a controlled amount instead. These carbs should also be unprocessed and whole as they contain a great deal more nutrients for the body.


3. Satisfy your hunger, not stimulate it

Diets are not intended to make your life miserable. It is supposed to help you get your health back on track. By planning your diet properly and cooking your food the right way, you can still be satisfied in terms of satiety and taste. Avoid processed foods such as high-fructose soft drinks or snacks as they will stimulate your appetite, making you eat more than what is needed.


4. Eat a bit of everything

Small things matter, especially when it concerns vitamins and minerals. In order for you to achieve and maximise your nutrient intake, your diet should consist of foods across different categories. This would help you to obtain the necessary micronutrients that can optimise your body for athletic performance or even just for your daily wellness.


5. Plan with structure

Many diets fail because they are too restricting and without any level of flexibility. Imagine eating steamed chicken breast and veggies every day! When planning your diet, switch up your foods every week or every few days, whichever works better for you. Doing so will help you avoid feeling like you’re stuck in a rut and make it easier to stick with the nutrition plan.


A healthy diet is one that contains the essential nutrients and also makes us satisfied and happy. Gone are the days where healthy foods are seen as boring and tasteless. Change your approach to nutrition and your outlook on diets will change as well. Before long, it won’t even feel like you’re dieting!