Revitalising your eyes the natural way

Revitalising your eyes the natural way

by Muhaimin X 13 Apr 2018

Our eyes are our most precious gift. The last thing you want is to be freaking out in the event of a diagnosis of an eye condition such as macular degeneration or cataracts. While many believe that deterioration of the eyes is a non-reversible process (with treatments like Lasik being the only “cure”), there might still be a way for you to recue your baby blues without having to step into a clinic!


As it stands, there is a growing body of research indicating that eyes have cells that can regenerate too, much like most other cells in our bodies. Researchers found that retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), the cells in the eyes, possess regenerative qualities. This means that under the right circumstances, one might be able to restore the health and function of their eyes.


While it’s not as if we’ll be reaching a Wolverine-level of regeneration anytime soon, the future of regenerating eye tissue looks promising. And as you wait for treatment therapies to be widely available, there are a number of ways that you can stimulate the regeneration of RGCs formula you can do at home:


  1. Get in at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day and sunlight per day.
  2. Give intermittent fasting a try as fasting rests your digestive system and stimulates healing via autophagy.
  3. Consume omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Add pre-probiotic fibre to your diet. Gut bacteria convert prebiotics into butyrate – a substance that could increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a key mechanism in restoring eye health.
  5. Consume curcumin to enhance mood and cognition and increase BDNF.
  6. Maintain a healthy weigh by eliminating sugar and processed foods and drink antioxidant-rich green tea.
  7. Cultivate positive social relationships.
  8. Get good-quality sleep and reduce your stress levels. Irregular cortisol levels can disrupt BDNF production.
  9. Add magnesium to your diet. It’s estimated more than 50 percent of Americans are deficient in this mineral.
  10. Add resveratrol and other polyphenols to your diet for their neuroprotective properties and add zinc to your diet. This trace mineral has anti-depressant qualities and can also increase BDNF levels in the brain.


Losing sight of what’s most important to you is a warning that should be taken both figuratively and literally. While the prospect of regeneration does provide hope, the rate of success will diminish as the condition of the eye deteriorates. As such, prioritising a preventive approach that preserves eye health will yield much better results then betting all your chips on a cure, regardless of how miraculous it might seem.