Running as a new mum

Running as a new mum

by Vanessa Ng 27 Jan 2020

Being a new mother is tough. With so many new responsibilities entrusted to you, exercise may not be the first thing on your mind (and that’s okay!). However, getting back in running shape after having given birth can be difficult and demoralising at first. Here are some tips to help you get through it.


  • Baby steps

Just as how your baby starts off with crawling, start with small steps in improving your fitness. Remember: the road to post-natal recovery is a long one. Avoid stressing out over on how much you have fallen behind, or how slow or easily exhausted you are now. Work towards small, incremental steps of progress. Be patient if you’re starting out; you may have to take a step back to move forward by two!


  • Run with a partner

It can be another new mum, your best friend, husband, or any running enthusiast who wants to get fit together. Sharing your difficulties and progressing together not only makes the process fun, but can also be a great bonding activity.


  • Be mindful of your feet

Your body is bound to change post-pregnancy. Check your feet and see if your running shoes still fit as well as they used to. It is very common for women to experience small to significant changes in foot size during and after pregnancy. Training in an ill-fitting pair of shoes can increase your risk of injury and reduce comfort.


  • Shake off that mom-guilt

It is common to want to dedicate 24/7 of your time to your child. Taking time out to exercise for yourself may feel like a selfish act to you, but it is anything but. In fact, you owe it to your new-born to be fit enough so that you can provide the best possible care!


One of the best things a new mum can do is to embrace this new frontier of active living. Running keeps your physical and mental health in check while also speeding up the recovery process. Considering that you just gave birth to a whole human being, there isn’t really anything that your body can’t do!