Say “goodbye” to bland plant-based meals!

Say “goodbye” to bland plant-based meals!

by Natalie L 24 Feb 2020

Going vegan isn't easy, and the myth that all plant-based food is tasteless makes this dietary transition even less appealing. However, the lack of meat and dairy doesn't have to mean that the excitement of eating has now been taken away! Here are 4 brilliant tips to help you put that x-factor back into your meals:


1. Choose the right ingredients

To make tasty food, you will need to start with quality ingredients! Select fresh plant-based products from reliable stores or distributors. For example, many vegans purchase their ingredients from local farmers markets. While this may come at a slightly higher cost monetarily, these ingredients will definitely have a discernible effect on the taste and quality of your food.


2. Add spices, herbs and sauces

If you are the adventurous sort and love to explore different flavours, then you certainly wouldn't have trouble identifying with this next tip! Indian and South Asian recipes often call for a variety of herbs and spices to literally “spice up” the dish and give it a unique, zingy taste. You might wish to follow suit and experiment with different herbs and spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, mint and tamari. Additionally, don’t forget to drizzle your favourite vegan-friendly dressing over salads and bowls, to give your food that some extra “oomph”. 


3. Explore plant-based dairy alternatives

Many people experience hesitation in giving up dairy products upon adopting the vegan diet. After all, who can resist golden, melty cheese? However, vegans need not be dismayed anymore! Over the past few years, the plant-based food industry has evolved considerably, and vegans can now bask in the glory of dairy-free cheese alternatives. Incorporate some of your favourite vegan cheese products to your dishes to add another layer of taste and texture.


4. Try slow-cooking

Apart from altering your choice of ingredients, you might also want to try out different methods of cooking. When you have the time, try slow-cooking your dishes. This process allows your dishes to become much more flavorful compared to the other faster methods of cooking. It's also amazingly simple: just choose the right setting on your slow-cooker and leave it to do its thing!


Plant-based food doesn't have to be bland or boring. There is plenty of variety to be found in cooking, even when you're limited to the use of certain ingredients. Let your creative juices flow, and your next vegan meal just might surprise you (and your critics)!