Seasonal allergies – fighting nature with nature

Seasonal allergies – fighting nature with nature

by Vanessa Ng 26 Oct 2018

Itchy eyes, headaches, and congested sinuses are just a few common symptoms of seasonal allergies. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter medication, why not try some alternative methods to fend off the allergies without the inconvenient side effects?


Clean thoroughly

Pollen can be everywhere. Ensure that your windows and doors are kept shut, and actively vacuum your home. Do not be afraid to whip out a mask if you are sensitive to the pollen that tends to rise up from your carpet. Besides cleaning your home and thoroughly doing the laundry, try using an air purifier or lower the fan speed in your air-conditioning unit to avoid spreading the pollen.


Use essential oils

One good anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent to take note of is eucalyptus oil. Put a few drops into a diffuser/nebuliser or sneak in a teaspoon into your weekly load of laundry and watch the magic unfold. Frankincense oil is another essential oil with similar properties and has even been shown to bolster the immune system. A great way to apply it is to rub it behind your ears.


Try raw honey

While pollen may you your enemy, the raw honey that is derived from them need not be. It’s a natural anti-histamine that can help you build up immunity to the pollens as well, thanks to the small amounts of local pollen found in it. It’s a tasty way to go about getting rid of your allergies, but make sure that you’re not allergic to honey first!


Perform nasal irrigation

As uncomfortable as it sounds, a nasal irrigation can offer a quick relief. To make your solution, mix warm and distilled water with a quarter teaspoon of salt and baking soda. This helps to wash away any collected pollen and also clears out your mucus, allowing you to breathe easily again.


Allergy season can be dreadful, but it can be survived if you’re smart about it. While medicine bought from the drugstore can provide some quick relief in more serious instances, it certainly doesn’t hurt to start with a lighter, more holistic touch when it comes to minor reactions!