Staying active while overseas

Staying active while overseas

by Evigan Xiao 19 Feb 2020

No one hates going on vacation (how does that even make sense?). For the more active crowd however, the idea of going for a week or so without any form of physical exertion does sound more than a little bit iffy. After all, movement is life! So if you’ve already got your ticket to ride but you don’t exactly know how you’re going to keep some semblance of an exercise regimen going on while abroad, try your hand at some of these tips:


1. Go for a run

Chances are that no matter where you find yourself ending up, there’s bound to be some space for a decent run. Running is one activity that even elite athletes all over the world engage in due to its simplicity – all you need are a good pair of shoes! Even if it’s a quick 2 KM jog in the park, you’re able to get a good amount of blood pumping throughout your entire body while staying nice and limber. If you happen to stay near a (shark-free) beach, try mixing in some swims for variety!


2. Make your own dumbbell

You don’t need access to your own private iron forge to build a dumbbell. A sturdy suitcase can do well enough to fulfil the function of this gym staple. Loading the interior appropriately will allow you to perform squats, deadlifts, carries, presses, curls, and even planks. Depending on the dimensions of your luggage, you may or may not have to make some slight modifications to how you perform said movements, but the overall effect will still be the same.


3. Pack resistance bands

Despite their quiet and unassuming nature, resistance bands can provide quite the workout when used properly! Looped bands in particular are useful due to them being easier to secure. Since the bands come in varying resistance levels, they can be gainfully employed by both beginners and advanced individuals. Their elastic nature also provides accommodating resistance, which allows for an increase in tension during parts of an exercise that are considered “easy” (e.g. top portion of a squat).


4. Walk whenever you can

Walking may be one of the least intense activities you could probably think of but they’re an essential part of staying active, even on regular days! Using your feet as your main mode of transportation while you’re overseas is one of the simplest and easiest ways to ensure some decent level of physical engagement. It doesn’t have to be mundane either! Plan a hike or enjoy some trail-walking in a nearby park to enjoy the sights and sounds of a new country. If you’re in a more urbanised environment, take the time to explore the city on foot. You’ll be able to access some pretty neat nooks and crannies along the way!


5. Do your research

Nothing beats good ol’ fashioned field work. If you hate being caught off-guard, then doing a little homework on the place you’re visiting will definitely pay off! If you’re torn between two hotels, why not go with the one with better fitness facilities so that you can work out without straying too far from your doorstep? A quick search online can even yield some interesting opportunities when it comes to training possibilities. For example, while the city of Las Vegas is well-known for its hotels, casinos and entertainment district, did you know that there’s also a full-fledged weightlifting gym there just waiting to be found?


You don’t have to devolve into a couch potato just because you’re on holiday! While a well-deserved break should be enjoyed, there’s nothing wrong with injecting some physical culture into it as well. As a bonus, exercising also helps one to acclimatise to new time zones by adjusting the circadian rhythm. Just one more reason to have an active holiday!