Stepping back to move forward

Stepping back to move forward

by Vanessa Ng 11 Jan 2020

No one likes experiencing setbacks in life. While it is understandable to want to return the favour whenever life pushes you off, sometimes taking a step back can be cathartic. Putting some distance, blurring the unimportant, and focusing less on the details can shift your attention to the bigger picture. Reminding yourself of your eventual goal can prevent mental fatigue and burnout while promoting productivity. It can be a very liberating and thought-provoking experience, especially for those who are prone to over-thinking. Looking from a bird’s-eye-view can also steer you in the right direction if you ever drift off-course.


Stepping back can make you less attached, which can reduce your tendency to want to control every circumstance – even when they’re patently uncontrollable. It can prevent the development of biases and a skewed perception of whatever it is you are holding close to.


Additionally, do not over-analyse the perception of others about you. Yes – we are social creatures, but that doesn’t mean that we have to let a yearning for social acceptance or approval wreak havoc on our emotional well-being. If we’re talking about a workplace scenario, make it your responsibility to be a productive member of the company. At the same time, remember that you were an individual BEFORE you were an employee, so it is your duty to take care of yourself first. Are you happy with where you’re at and what you do?


Prioritising what truly matters to you by making a list can help declutter your mind. Perhaps keeping and sticking to a journal can help you organise your thoughts and reflect on what truly matters. Go on a holiday or indulge in a new hobby. If you can, why not hire a manifestation coach? If you’re struggling with realising your dreams, perhaps an outside yet seasoned perspective may shed some light on the matter.


Don’t let your emotional baggage drag you down either. Make introspection a daily or weekly habit – take a look at your thoughts and try to see things objectively. How many of our thoughts are truly constructive? Much of our anxiety is due to excessive over-thinking or over-planning for the future. We may realise that there is only a finite amount of time to achieve an infinite list of tasks – and that is entirely natural and okay.


We’ve all heard of the saying “two steps back, one step forward”. However, the reverse is also true. We don’t always need to be surging forward and progress doesn’t always have to be linear. If the signs in life point to you needing to back away for even just a short while, take heed and you’ll find yourself in a much better place.