Styling your home to your personality type

Styling your home to your personality type

by Vanessa Ng 15 Aug 2018

Your home can be seen as a manifestation of your inner self; how it looks can have an effect on your overall mood and productivity levels. Based on your Myers-Briggs personality type, certain décor may work better than others when it comes to making you feel at ease. Here are some recommendations based on a few common personality types.


Introverts who enjoy deep conversations

Consider having open floor plans that have living spaces segregated by furniture. This way, people can socialise but can also choose to have their own area for deeper conversations. Areas are typically designed for comfort and relaxation, with demarcated areas for work. If you do not have a room for your home office, try marking the space out with a different rug, floor tiles, or lighting. Do not neglect the outdoors and consider putting a lounge set-up to create a more private setting.


Introverts who enjoy planning

If you enjoy seeing plans fall into place, try creating a mood board with photos that will inspire your new home. To create a private sanctuary for musings, try finding inspiration for meditation corners, reading areas and yoga corners. Invest in soft, and comfortable fabrics for bedsheets and cushions to really create that lived-in feeling.


Extroverts who party

If you often have friends over, remember to put in the extra time on decorating your dining or party area – where all the fun usually happens. Instead of the usual white, or pale grey walls, try painting the walls with bright accents. Invest in good overhead lighting with dimming options. Remember to avoid materials and fabric which can be easily stained if you throw wine gatherings frequently!


Extroverts who embrace changes

If you love change and exploring different perspectives, try setting up transitional spaces in your home. Designate a space that can be easily switched up depending on your mood or the season. It can be decorations by the fireplace, a bookshelf filled with books arranged by colour, a glass cabinet of figurine collections, or even an exposed clothing rack that will change with your style and the season.


Take this free test if you would like to find out where you stand amongst the 16 different personalities and don’t be afraid to start making use of your home as a testbed of self-expression. A home is only perfect when it’s done to your tastes, so you better grab as many of those home renovation catalogues as you can!