Taking a no-frills approach to fat-loss

Taking a no-frills approach to fat-loss

by Pamela Ng 07 Dec 2017

Many people lament about the difficulty that comes with fat-loss on the account of the amount of effort and time one has to put in. No pain, no gain, right? While that is true, halving the amount of frustrations can be a simple matter of realigning your beliefs when it comes to health and exercise. Here are some steps you can take for to make losing stubborn fat a slightly less hair-pulling experience:


1. Lose the “diet”

Ironically, dieting can actually make losing fat more difficult. This is because in a traditional calorie-restrictive diet, the body does not receive the amount of nutrients and energy it needs. As a result, the body’s survival mechanism is triggered and clings on to the fat stubbornly as a way of keeping it as emergency fuel.


While a successful fat-loss nutrition protocol will require a small caloric deficit, it still has to give the body sufficient fuel to produce the required amount of energy. Exercising thereafter will allow the body to utilise said energy, making continued fat-loss more effective and possible. If you find yourself hitting a plateau in fat-loss, review your meals and assess whether they’re truly viable nutrition-wise.


2. ELEL and EMEM

Alternating a two-week cycle of eat less exercise less (ELEL) and eat more exercise more (EMEM) is an effective way to maintain your metabolism. Due to the unpredictable nature of this method, it keeps metabolic homeostasis at bay. As a result, hormone levels are optimised for fat loss, thyroid levels are continually elevated (at sage levels), leptin levels aren’t too low and insulin levels are maintained.


3. Don’t be discouraged by stubborn fat

If your nutrition and exercise are going well, you’ll see yourself losing fat. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for some areas of your body. Men typically experience stubborn fat around the abdominals while women have them around the legs and glutes. If you see yourself leaner in some areas but not in others, don’t con yourself into thinking that something is wrong. Some parts of your body will take longer to lean out compared to others.


While fat is useful and important to the body, having too much of it can be damaging to one’s health and sometimes, even confidence. The journey of fat-loss is not a simple and straightforward one. While exercise plays a part, hormonal health and nutrition cannot be discounted. As long as you check all the boxes pertaining to fat-loss, you will get to your goal eventually.