The best eats around Kallang

The best eats around Kallang

by Kesavan Loganathan 01 Feb 2020

Kallang has been located at the heart of the east for the longest time in Singapore history. Home to plenty of residential and commercial enterprises, it is often visited by plenty of Singaporeans and foreigners alike. Not known to many is that Kallang also houses many great restaurants. Read on to find out about the top picks in and around the Kallang area!



66 Kampong Bugis, #02-01


Located at the heart of Kallang, Kilo serves up a fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisine in their classy establishment. To add to their aesthetic, it is located alongside the river AND the music playing in the background really helps customers get into the mood to have a relaxing time with great food. They have a great menu in terms of variety and some of the dishes present on the list are very unique because of their fusion style concept. A good example that shows this unique fusion is the Wasabi Tuna Tartare and the Prawn ravioli with Sake butter. These dishes bring in both European and Asian values into it causing a very unique taste to unfold. A must try for customers who want to try something new. (Psst, it’s also perfect to bring your significant other for a date because of the romantic outlook)


Cucina Italian Restaurant

12 Kallang Avenue, #02-10, Aperia Mall


Not many have heard of this restaurant but I thoroughly enjoyed it when I visited not too long ago. For an exquisitely exclusive Italian experience in the Kallang area, I wouldn’t look too far past Cucina Italian Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the Aperia Mall and has a great aesthetic to it. A great deal of us knows that a good Italian restaurant not only serves up tasty Italian dishes but accompanies their dishes with good Italian aesthetics and presentation. I feel that Cucina Italian delivers in this aspect. They serve up some great Italian favorites such as their seafood risotto and Aglio Ollo e Peperoncino con Granchi. They serve the main courses with a side of their soup of the day and garlic bread, both of which are very well made. With a diverse menu and good service, Cucina Italian has made it into my top Italian restaurants list in Singapore. Give it a go when you’re in the Kallang area next.


The Green Bucket

114 Lavender Street, #01-01 CT Hub 2


This restaurant is great for anyone trying to keep their diet on the healthy track. The Green Bucket is located within the Kallang vicinity and serves up some unique renditions of popular western dishes with a primary eye on health. It is located on the first floor of the CT Hub 2 and is pretty accessible to all. Not only are their meals mostly customizable, they are also very well presented. With a wide array of vegetables and meats, their product often looks very well put together and tastes even better. Some of the ingredients they offer are corn, broccoli, and lettuce amongst others. They also have carbohydrate based items like pasta and quinoa. Popular choices in terms of meat would be their beef slices. The customizable options are endless and the food is very well prepared. I would recommend their whole-wheat pasta with beef, onsen eggs and corn. Check out this restaurant as soon you can for a nourishing and tasty meal!


If you want any of your favourite pastas from Cucina Italian but can’t make the trip down to the restaurant itself, do not fret because Deliveroo will you help out in that aspect. Click the link for the menu and the meals you order will be delivered to you in 30-45 minutes!