The best ways to mix up your workout

The best ways to mix up your workout

by Teo Kai Wen 27 Jan 2020

When working out, many people are likely to fall into a pattern, and tend to stick with exercises that they are familiar with. However, this usually causes them to seemingly hit a plateau, which can make working out frustrating rather than rewarding. Since true plateaus are only more common with experienced athletes, try using one of these four ways to get your training back on track:


1. Add variety to your workout

When you hit a plateau, way to make sure you keep seeing results is to change up your workout routine. Rather than spend the entire gym session at the machines, switch it up by doing dumbbell-based exercises instead. This helps intensify your workout by forcing you to engage and build your core and stabiliser muscles.


2. Stand up

Standing up is another simple way to tweak your existing routine. For example, if you usually sit while doing shoulder presses, try performing the same number of repetitions while standing instead. This requires a greater activation of the core musculature for the purpose of balance and kicks your workout up a notch.


3. Vary your tempo

Another way to boost your workout is to vary the tempo of your exercises. By lengthening repetitions, you go through each phase of the movement individually, causing your muscles to work overtime.


4. Pause between reps

Instead of diving headfirst into an endless series of reps, try pausing between them. Besides giving you a breather, pauses also increase the total time that your muscles are under tension while reducing momentum, which can hamper results by taking stress off the muscles. So instead of doing a set of 10 repetitions straight across, try breaking it up to 5-3-2!


Don’t be discouraged if the gains stop coming – it happens to the best of us. Just follow these tips to fine-tune your routine, and keep working towards your goals. Sometimes, even the smallest change in our training programmes can yield