The makings of a true friend

The makings of a true friend

by Eunice Chua 25 Feb 2020

It can be hard to distinguish true friends from the hangers-ons, especially in this age of social media-driven gratification where having hundreds of online friends who “like” your posts creates a false sense of validation. It goes without saying that true friendship goes way deeper than just interacting with you on some digital platform. Real lifelong friends are few and far in between – here are some signs that you have a genuine friendship on hand:


1. Accepting everything about each other

True friends don’t only appear when you have something good to share with them; they should be there at both your highest and lowest. It's easy to be a friend when everything's rosy, but real friends accept the fact that there will be times when the friendship will be tested and will not shy away from setbacks. Be it a character flaw or an unfortunate turn of evens, the last thing a true friend would do is to judge you or hold you to some ridiculous standard.


2. Being 100%  honest and open

No matter how much it hurts, the truth is the best gift one can give and you can always count on a true friend to be transparent with you. Sometimes, telling the truth might hurt your friendship in the short-term, but true friends will respect each other enough to never lie under any circumstances. Ultimately, having the unvarnished truth laid upon you is only done so for your benefit. It may not be always immediately apparent but brutal honesty will help you to grow and become a better person.


3. Always having your back

Jealousy between friends (even BFFs) is common, but true friends will always be happy for you when good things happen to you, even when they are down in the dumps themselves. You know you have a true friend when you are both fighting for the same thing and when you win it, your friend only has congratulatory words for you. Similarly, a real friend maintains his/her support for you even in the face of the biggest of blunders. The acid test is when the fault is squarely yours; a buddy always stays on your side in public. Of course, they might very well chew you out on the side!


True friends are hard to find, but no life is complete without at least having one. Making true friends starts with being one yourself, so be that friend that people can count on and you will find that they will be there for you in turn!