The reason you're not a morning person

The reason you're not a morning person

by Vanessa Ng 06 Feb 2020

Waking up early in the morning is a pain for many and is certainly a character trait that most people find to be unnatural. The truth is however, that this condition is developed – certain habits that have been accumulated over the years can actually contribute to you not being a morning person. Here are just some of them:


  • Forcing yourself awake

There are many ways to gently nudge yourself awake. While most people tend to go with the “shock and awe” method of rousing themselves, taking the gentler approach by say, setting your alarm to soft music that will ease the transition between deep sleep to waking up will create a more positive perception of the act. Giving your alarm a significant amount of buffer time will also minimise the chance of rushing in the morning – another negative side-effect that can be easily mitigated.


  • Perceived lack of control

The reason why you are unable to wake up early may be due to you sleeping late in the first place.  This can be brought about by anxiety or stress, which can be caused by a perceived lack of control about things in one's life. Sometimes, it's a lack of discipline that leads to this illusion (e.g. compulsively checking emails late into the night). In other instances, it may very well be due to things that exist outside your sphere of influence. As such, shifting your mindset to accept things that are beyond your control can also be helpful.


  • Limited time spent in introspect

With work and other responsibilities stacking up, it is not uncommon that we end up forgetting to look within and reflect on ourselves. To combat that, try practicing the act of journaling. Consider penning down three to five things that you are grateful for on a daily basis, no matter how pedestrian they might be. This can help you to see the good in your life so that you feel more at ease with where you're presently at in life. “Humble” bragging works too; being proud of yourself can reinforce a positive sense of the ego and discourage negative self-talk.


  • Forgetting your dreams

Giving yourself something to look forward to waking up to is important and can motivate you to both sleep and rise early. Close your eyes and meditate on the matter for a moment. Think about what your aspirations. You may wish for health, a loving relationship with loved ones, better work performance, and more. Reinforce that goal in your head before and as you go to bed. Wake up knowing that every new day brings with it a fresh opportunity for you to be one step closer to realising your dreams.


Being a morning person is neither difficult nor impossible; it's all about forging a positive association between your mind and your body. Once you exchange your current habits for ones that are more conducive to this process, you'll be able to greet each morning all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!