The weirdness of mums (and why we love them)

The weirdness of mums (and why we love them)

by Vanessa Ng 11 May 2018

Literally risking their lives to give us ours in this world, mothers are some of the most loving and strongest individuals we know. They feed us when we’re hungry, care for us when we’re sick, and go to great measures in order to nurture our growth. Of course, all mothers are unique, which might explain some of the odd things they do from time to time! In appreciation of Mothers’ Day, here are 10 adorable quirks of these strong women – see if you recognise any of them! 


1. Being over-protective

Mums have sudden impulses to care. Watch out – she might suddenly fling her arm in front of you at the traffic junction even though the car has already come to a complete stop before you even start to cross the road.


2. Using you as a proxy

Mums may get you to relay messages to your dad when they are in a fight. She may start to speak as if your dad is not directly beside her. Yeah it’s weird as heck (and a little bit annoying), but it’s also kind of cute!


3. Treating your nudity as normal

Seeing you naked is the last thing that will faze your mum, even when you’ve already blossomed into a young adult. You may be fumbling to shut the door or cover yourself up after a shower but expect your mom to just walk past as if nothing happened. After all, she’s seen it all when you were a baby!


4. Always being there – even on social media

Get ready to be stalked on Facebook and Instagram by your mum. The convenience of social media makes it all too easy for you mummy dearest to keep tabs on you, so expect to field some uncomfortable questions every now and then (all in the name of love of course).


5. Taking full advantage of modern communication

Be flooded with emoticons by your mum who has just discovered a wealth of emoticons on her smartphone. Once you start introducing her to daily horoscope sites or apps, be prepared to be flooded with long updates on details forecasting your love life, health, lucky colour and more. It’s just her way of connecting with you!


6. Going above and beyond for your health

If your mum’s got a favourite pharmacy nearby, be prepared to receive multiple bottles of supplements on a near regular basis. There’s one for your gut health, one for your heart health, one for your digestive system and more. It’s almost like you never left her womb in the first place!


7. Taking your words a little too seriously

Like a certain dish that your mom has cooked? Refrain from saying that dramatically as the dish may end up being your dinner for the whole of next week. On the flip side, she might take rejection as a slight against her cooking skills or her ability to provide for her children. Watch your step!


8. Being a one-stop shop for just about everything

Your mum seems to have everything in that seemingly medium-sized bag of hers. Need wet tissues or rubber bands? Dollars to donuts that she has a near-inexhaustible supply of them stashed away in a secret compartment somewhere. She probably owns stock in the Band-Aid company as well.


9. Always finding something else to talk about

Before ending a conversation, your mum may come up with an entire list of random and unrelated things to talk about. Regardless of your next appointment, she needs to let you know what she did earlier today, how the dog at home was being a naughty boy, or how she just tried a new salad recipe. Anything to keep you on the line!


10. Having your back (always)

Regardless of how you feel, you can be assured that your mum will always be there for you. Even if you mess up and she points it out to you, she always remembers to remind you that you’ll do better the next time around. If that is not the best feeling in the world, then I don’t know what is.


From dealing with baby puke and gross diaper changes since you were born, you’d think that your mum might hold some level of disdain for caring for you well after childhood days, but nothing is further from the truth. A mother’s love is as infinite as the stars in the sky and it shines just as bright, if not brighter. No matter how old you get, you’ll always be that little ray of sunshine in her eyes.