The “who’s who” of fitness

The “who’s who” of fitness

by Eunice Chua 10 Jan 2019

All health and fitness enthusiasts can get ready to witness huge growth in the wellness industry and possibly some exciting collaborations amongst the biggest movers and shakers in 2019. With the commencement of the first ever formal gathering of industry giants at this year's FIT summit on March 20th, there'll be plenty of opportunities to engage with these market players and learn a thing or two!


The past few years have seen many health, wellness and fitness companies establishing themselves in Asia, from gyms to nutritional companies to even apparel retailers. As the APAC communities continue to emphasise the importance of leading healthier lifestyles revolving around fitness and nutrition, the wellness industry is at its peak and has never seen more activity. Whether you’re in the health and fitness sector, working in the financial industry or an independent investor, the FIT summit aims to be the game-changer event of the year to keep you in the loop on all the happenings, challenges and future prospects of the wellness industry.


What’s going down at the FIT summit

  • Networking opportunities

With all the industry players gathered in one location, the FIT summit provides an opportunity for you to strike new partnerships and deals, spread awareness of your business and meet new suppliers and service providers.

  • Get updated on industry news

There has been so much going on in the wellness industry that it may be hard to keep track. All the talks and networking going on at the FIT summit will help you recap all the industry changes and provide you with the most relevant and current information.

  • Learn from the best

The highlight of the event is the numerous talks by the biggest names in the wellness scene. 39 different industry leaders will be heading panel discussions on a variety of topics such as industry trends, investment issues, customer engagement and marketing solutions. Emerging companies can stand to gain from the business tips by successful companies and investors can gain information for portfolio growth.


Learning equals growth

You may be a gym owner, the founder of a health food startup, or a wellness consultant who's just begun their practice, but there's always the burning question of “what more can I do?”. Staying on the cutting edge of trends and developments is just one of the many ways you can maximise your value.  For example, as technology continues to play an even bigger role in shaping the health and wellness landscape, knowing how to adapt emerging platforms to suit your organisation's needs and goals is what makes the difference between merely existing and standing out.


Industry leaders to look out for at the event

  • Simon Flint, CEO of Evolution Wellness
  • Maurice Levine, CEO (Asia) of Anytime Fitness
  • Christian Mason, Managing Director (Southeast Asia) of Virgin Active
  • Bob Neville, Global Retail Creative Director of New Balance
  • Teck Yin Lim, CEO of Sport Singapore
  • Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, President and CEO (Philippines) of Gold’s Gym
  • Mike Lamb, CEO (Asia) of Jetts
  • Sarah McKensey, Head of Diversity and Inclusion (Asia Pacific), Johnson & Johnson
  • Natalie Dau, CEO and founder of The Daily Escape


Whatever your stake in the wellness industry is, the inaugural FIT summit is set to be the biggest industry event of the year. Said FIT summit founder and CEO Ross Campbell: “Executives and companies from across the world are now confirming their involvement in this landmark event for Asia’s health fitness and wellness industry.” With that, mark your calendars for this flagship event and get your tickets here