Things to know before rain running

Things to know before rain running

by Natalie L 1 month ago

Cancelled your running plan again because of the storm brewing outside? At some point in our lives, most of us runners would have had to cancel our plans due to inclement weather. Yet, there are also those few die-hards who refuse to let something as inconseqential as rain deter them and head out regardless. While we always advise caution when it comes to exercising in less than favourable conditions, sometimes you've got to what you've got to do. How then can runners make the best out of a bad situation and make running in the rain safe and enjoyable?


Go with high-visabillity attire

Poor visability tends to accompany moderate amounts of rain, so it's always a good idea to wear something that makes you easily identifiable if you tend to run in area that sees a fair bit of traffic. Brightly-coloured clothes or those with flashy bursts of colour tend to do the trick, but nothing beats a good ol' high-vis vest! Furthermore, choosing the right kind of vest can help to keep you warm during your run as well.


Change your outlook

What you get out of your run in the rain depends largely on your frame of mind. Treating a run in the rain like any other occasion will leave you open to mental pushbacks. Keep in mind the differences in environment and don't expect the experience to be the same as running in dry weather. It WILL feel different and challenging even. At the same time, don't go into it with the feeling of reluctance. Instead, think of the positive points of rain-running – it's cooler, the paths are clearer (sometimes) and you'll feel less sticky with your sweat being washed away as you run.  


Choose dri-fit clothes

Be it your shirt, shorts, socks or undergarments, choose dri-fit materials and avoid cotton! Unlike cotton, dri-fit clothing absorb a minimal amount of rainwater, making them much lighter on the body. Drier clothes also mean less chafing, so it's a double-win!


Wear a cap 

This seems obvious but many rain runners often miss it out. Wearing a cap keeps the rain out of your eyes and prevents it from pelting on your face, making the experience much more enjoyable. Combine this with the first point by donning a cap that's easily visible!


Indeed, there is a silver lining to every cloud – even when it concerns dark rain clouds. With these little changes, you might actually start to enjoy the feeling of raindrops on your skin the next time you choose run in the rain!