Thriving as a first-time mum

Thriving as a first-time mum

by Vanessa Ng 09 Jan 2020

Doing something for the first time can be daunting – you are likely to be afraid of the unknown and make mistakes, particularly when you are tasked with a great responsibility. Imagine what being a first-time mother must be like! Having to care for the well-being and development of your own child can be scary to many, but controlling the factors that are within your grasp can help soothe your nerves and better equip you with the appropriate skills and mindset that befits first-time mother.


1. Don’t neglect your partner

Many first-time mothers are prone to burning out, and the lack of energy may even take a toll on one’s marriage. Over time, with the stress of handling a baby, the romance can start to fade. Couples may start to take each other for granted, and demands may skyrocket as patience runs low. This is unsurprising given that there is not much time left for each other when a baby is constantly needing attention. While no one’s expecting you to behave like you’re on your honeymoon, the simple act of being there for your loved one can be cathartic for your relationship. Whether it’s asking about their day or a kind word, make the effort to reaffirm their existence in your world.


2. Stay active

Despite the responsibilities that come with child care, you should always endeavor to take time out to do things for yourself. Remember to exercise and to keep yourself healthy. Even a brisk walk to the grocery store is better than nothing at all. If you’re required to remain at home, there are always exercise videos online for home-based training. Time permitting, why not sign up for a lunch-time class to keep you on your feet?


3. Mind your food

Just as how you have been feeding and nourishing your baby with healthy food, enforce the same rules on yourself. Do not succumb to daily fast food meals citing the lack of time as your excuse. Remember to stay hydrated and rested so that you have enough energy to tackle the day and the one after that. If you’re in the post-partum period, remember to prioritise food that is beneficial for your recovery.


4. Connect with someone

On a social level, remember to reach out to your support group and do not neglect your friends. Try going on a “first date” with your partner – it’s both fun and helps to keep the spark alive. As a new mum, there’s also a whole new community for you to get in touch with. Meeting up with other new and experienced mums will give you a social circle that you can relate to, while at the same time sharing some well-deserved laughs over hilarious anecdotes!


Life as a first-time mum doesn’t have to be the neurotic mess you’re making it out to be. If you want to be able to take good care of your child, having a firm handle on yourself is the first step. Understand that the need to be in good health – both mentally and physically – is essential. Get as much support as you need to make this happen; you’re not alone after all!