Top 10 songs for your next workout

Top 10 songs for your next workout

by Pamela Ng 23 Feb 2020

We all need motivation once in a while and this certainly applies to our time in the gym as well. A bit of tiredness can wear us down but with the right music, we can find the drive to press on. Here are 10 songs to add to your music playlist in the gym (if you haven’t already):


1. Work B**ch

Britney Spears


In 2013, Britney Spears reignited her career with this bold and catchy song. The message of this song was that if you want to be successful, drive fast cars and drink champagne, then you better work for it, much like how you’re doing it in the gym.


2. Phenomenal



If you have watched Southpaw, then you might find this song to be familiar. The movie was motivational enough, and this rap piece brings to mind the drive and determination one should always bring to the gym.


3. Berzerk



Working out can serve as an outlet for our pent-up feelings, and this song encourages you to go crazy and “berzerk” as you train.


4. Baby Got Back

Sir Mix A Lot


Basically a song about butts, this song is great at complementing the exercises that hit the muscles in your buttocks. Ramp up your squats as you blast this song. The best part is that this song is not only meant for ladies; men out there can also benefit from that extra lift to the butt!


5. Love Myself

Hailee Steinfeld


A catchy tune, this song serves as a reminder that being yourself is enough – a message that certainly deserves more credit and love. Even at the gym, we all know how going too far out can sometimes be counter-productive and we should instead pay closer attention to our bodies.


6. Worth it

Fifth Harmony


This song has such great rhythm that you will find your body moving to it in a heartbeat. At the same time, this song boosts your self-confidence because knowing you are worth it can raise you up even during the darkest of days.


7. Drag Me Down

One Direction


Besides having an upbeat tune, this song also has some lyrics that can be empowering as well. This combination can drive you through your workout, right up till you exit your gym’s doors!


8. Closer

The Chainsmokers


Despite not having any loud beats, this song has a great rhythm and sound. Although it may be overplayed everywhere else, listening to this once in a while during your workout can help to keep your spirits up during a tuoght workout.


9. Warm

Joey Pecoraro


If you feel like having a light training session or even yoga, then this music is for you. The gentle piano sound will remind you of an afternoon in a café, keeping you relaxed during the exercise.


10. Reminisce



A wonderfully chill tune that complements a slow and relaxing yoga session, it has a great beat and rhythm that can even be synced to your movements.


Music can help to dispel some of the boredom and feelings of repetitiveness that sometimes come with training in the gym. So keep your playlist well-stocked with awesome tunes and you won’t have to worry as much about running out of steam halfway through your sweat session!