Top 10 ways to save time in the gym

Top 10 ways to save time in the gym

by Pamela Ng 23 Feb 2020

Time is precious and every second matters. Due to the demands of work or personal life, some people may find it difficult to find time to go to the gym to do a proper workout. Therefore, it is important to be efficient in the gym. Here are 10 tips that you can adopt so that you can optimise your time spent in training:


1. Prepare a gym bag in advance

By packing a gym bag with all the essential items the day before, you can save time by preventing moments whereby you realise you’ve forgotten something and have no choice but to return home. These essentials include a water bottle, towels, toiletries, extra plastic bags and anything else that you would need during, before and after working out.


2. Use the gym during non-peak hours

Generally, there are fewer people in the gym during non-peak hours. This can allow you to use the equipment without having to wait for it. And even if there was someone using it, the wait wouldn’t typically be long. You can also save time by carrying on with other exercises while waiting.


3. Utilise full-body workouts

Isolation exercises can be helpful, but if you are pressed for time, full-body workouts are the way to go. Training in such a fashion can help to build the body in multiple areas; it’s like killing two (or more) birds with one stone.


4. Create an efficient diet

In order to optimise the results of your workout, eating healthy is a must. Eating the correct amount and type of carbohydrates and protein can be hugely beneficial to your progress, so be sure to pack convenient post-workout foods like whey protein powder and low-fructose fruits.


5. Slow down to avoid injuries

While having speed can help you save time in your exercise routine, slowing down can be beneficial as well. By paying close attention to your form, you can avoid injuries and prevent any over-exertion, allowing for more optimised recovery in between sets and exercises.


6. Pack a shower bag

To maximise convenience, you can prepare a shower bag beforehand that contains all the necessary toiletries. After working out, you’ll be able to just make a beeline for the showers without having to search for any items that may have gotten misplaced.



High intensity interval training (HIIT) is so well-known that it needs no introduction. It keeps you within a certain timeframe while allowing you to use every bit of your body to work out intensely. Some HIIT workouts take as little as 30 minutes!


8. Have a partner

Working out with someone can help to save time as the both of you can encourage and motivate each other to complete a workout without wasting time. However, you would do better in finding a partner who is efficient themselves and will not distract you with incessant chit-chat.


9. Work on multiple muscles at the same time

You can maximise your training by using variations of a particular exercise such that it hits more than one part of your body. For example, doing crunches on a stability ball targets not only your core muscles, but also the arms and legs.


10. Add either cardio or strength intervals

Having a workout that consist of either entirely cardio or entirely strength exercises can be beneficial. However, the downside of such an approach is that the other aspect of fitness will end up being neglected. Instead of having a full workout that is dedicated to cardio or strength, do add in some exercises from the other group to mix up your training routine. For instance, try supersetting deadlifts with sled pushes!


Every second counts, and this can be easily seen in your time at the gym. These tips can help to optimise your workout and also save you time – especially when you’re very short on it!