Top 5 gym bags for the active individual

Top 5 gym bags for the active individual

by Ashley Tan 22 Feb 2020

If going to the gym is a must on your to-do list, then the equipment that you need for your workout session deserves to be stored in so much more than just any random, sweat-stained sack. Your gym gear demands greater respect, and what better way to accede to its requests by investing in a sturdy yet fashionable gym bag? Get ready to feast your eyes on 5 of our favourite gym bags for the active individual!


For Women


1. Under Armour UA Motivator Tote, $45,

If you’re someone who hits the shower right after your gym session, then you should definitely invest in the water-resistant Under Armour UA Motivator Tote to ensure that your things are well-protected from sprinkles of water courtesy of your freshly-washed hair! This tote is also particularly roomy, and contains several pockets to keep all of your belongings organised.


2. Sutton Mid Duffel Bag, $60,

Searching for a large and dependable gym bag? Look no further, because the Sutton Mid Duffel Bag has got you covered. This large bag contains enough space to stash more than three pairs of shoes, a water bottle, clothes, and much more. Its classy design and canvas material are definite plus points too!


3. Ideology Active Tote, $42,

Ever experienced that “uh oh” moment when you suspect that your water bottle has leaked in your bag? Well, this unfortunate inconvenience can be avoided by purchasing the Ideology Active Tote bag, which contains a sleeve on the outside to store your bottle to keep it from spilling and damaging all of your goods! This bag also has a long handle strap that makes it easy to just grab and go, especially when you’re feeling particularly worn out after your gym session.


4. Gaiam Duffel Bag, $40,

With its front compartment that is designed to hold a yoga mat, the Gaiam Duffel Bag is perfect for individuals who live and breathe yoga. Its slip pockets at the sides also grant easy access to items like your phone, keys or some loose change – this solves all the usual problems of with trying to fish (but to no avail!) for small belongings in large duffel bag.   


5. Adidas by Stella McCartney Medium Gym Bag, $113,

In her lifetime, every girl has to own a chic, fashion-forward gym bag, so why not splurge on this Adidas by Stella McCartney gym bag? With several compartments contained within its interior, you’ll be able to keep all your belongings neat and organised in this bag. Its handy sling also allows you to conveniently throw it over your shoulder if you’re rushing for time – perfect for the modern-day woman.


For Men


1. J. Crew Harwick Duffel Bag, $128,

Stylish yet sturdy, this duffel bag is made of water-repellent material and contains a long strap for easy and convenient travelling. Its leather handles also make it strong and handy, which is ideal for the guy who commutes regularly. This bag comes with a secret feature as well – it contains a drawstring bag which you can use to stash your dirty and sweat-laden gym clothes so that they are kept separate from the rest of your belongings.


2. Adidas Skyline Sack Pack, $25,

Some of us love the ease that comes with drawstring backpacks, but finding one that is durable and dependable can be a challenge. Fear not, because the Adidas Skyline Sack Pack is built to last. It also prioritises comfort as it contains a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder straps that will fit snugly against your back, which makes it so much easier to carry around.


3. UA Big Logo 5.0 Backpack, $50,

Backpacks are easily one of the sturdiest and most convenient gym bags available, and this backpack from Under Armour takes it to a whole new level. With its ergonomic, padded back panel that aims to provide optimal comfort, coupled with its abrasion-resistant bottom panel, this bag is built to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday life. Not to mention that this bag comes in a range of trendy and gender-neutral designs that you can pick from as well!


4. Jack Spade Dipped Coal Bag, $229,

While this tote bag may be smaller in size, it’s great for those who are just looking to bring a handful of essentials to the gym. Other handy details include a detachable shoulder strap and an internal zip organisation pocket that makes travelling through crowded and cramped spaces easier and more convenient.


5. Poler Men's Campdura Small Pouch, $15,

Looking for something even smaller and handier? Well, the Poler Men’s Campdura Small Pouch may be the bag that’s just for you! This hassle-free pouch contains four interior slips and an interior zip – just enough for you to slip in your phone, some cash, headphones and a protein bar without having to do unnecessary digging.


As the dictum goes, “You can always afford to invest in yourself.” Or “Treat yo’self!” if you’re culturally-inclined. Our gym bags are more often than not, an extension of ourselves as it contains all of our daily essentials. While some bags may be a little pricey, why not look at purchasing a new one that meets your needs and fancy as an investment? After all, if you look good, you’ll feel good. And if you feel good, you’ll perform better too!