Top picks in Auckland – Yoga studios

Top picks in Auckland – Yoga studios

by Vanessa Ng 13 Jan 2020

With the diversity of ethnic groups living in Auckland, it is unsurprising that it is the country’s most cosmopolitan city. With this of course, come many cultural practices that serve to enrich the lives that it pervades. Here are our top yoga studios that cater to almost a third of New Zealand’s population residing in Auckland.


1. EastWest Yoga

26 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011, New Zealand


As its name suggests, this friendly studio offers a wide variety of yoga styles not limited to just bikram, but also power vinyasa and yin. If you would like to commit to one or more of the aforementioned styles or just simply flow (pun intended) from one to the other, give EastWest Yoga a try!


2. Mondays Wholefoods

503 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


As a small studio, Mondays holds intimate classes of a maximum of 14 students. This means that you can have more undivided attention from the instructor from the already inviting atmosphere. Besides that, you can even grab superfood smoothies and turmeric lattes from a café located just downstairs. What more can you ask for?


3. Studio Red

City Works Depot 15.5/90 Wellesley Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand


Easily mistaken as a luxurious spa, this sleek and serene studio is a sight to behold. The space features soft cedar-paneled walls, high-end fixtures and beautiful bathrooms with overhead rain showers. Their main offering is hot yoga that is scalable to all fitness levels.


4. True Food & Yoga

19 Tamaki Dr, Orakei, Auckland 1071, New Zealand


Looking at the studio alone can instil a sense of peace and calamity. On top of the restaurant serving yummy and healthy food to reward you post-workout, there is also a beauty salon to treat yourself. Heading to True Food & Yoga is definitely a holistic pampering experience not to be missed.


5. Urban Ashram

49 Brown St, Ponsonby, Auckland 1021, New Zealand


Try local yoga star, Nikki Ralston’s Sunday Yin classes to loosen up your muscles and relax before Monday comes. The studio also has a variety of fun yoga styles every now and then such as the Women’s Sensual Empowerment with Shakti Sadhana in January, so check their calendar!


6. Yoga Ground

56 Surrey Cres, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1011, New Zealand


The studio offers a variety of courses such as meditation, breathing for health, urban yoga retreat and more. Picture a conducive space with liberating, high ceilings and light bamboo flooring. Can’t you just feel then tension and stress melting away already?


New Zealand is pretty well-known for its laidback style of living, so it makes sense that a relaxing mind-body practice like yoga would fit in so well. With so many choices of studios available in Auckland, saying kia ora to good vibes just got much easier!