Top picks in Bandung – Yoga studios

Top picks in Bandung – Yoga studios

by Natalie L 27 Jan 2020

Bandung, the capital of Indonesia’s West Java area, is famous for its bustling shopping streets, lively nightlife, unique architecture and breath-taking sceneries. Indeed, it is one of the top travel destinations for those looking to have a quick but relaxing getaway. While you’re there, you might also wish to rejuvenate and revitalise yourself with some yoga and pilates classes. If so, here are some top picks of Yoga studios in Bandung for you to choose from!


Kompleks Setra Dago Antapani, Jl. Setra Dago Utama No. 58, Bandung

Jl. Kidang Pananjung no.5C Dago, Bandung


Offering classes for kids, pre-natal ladies and other adults, Yoga Leaf Studio has something to offer everyone! Feel utterly at peace as you learn to centre yourself and clear your mind of whatever's troubling you. Indeed, you can expect to leave the studio feeling completely refreshed after a completely immersive meditative session.


Gg. Ijan No.12, Pungkur, Regol, Bandung


Prana Yoga Studio was one of the first few yoga studios to go up in Bandung, and trainers here are dedicated to guiding their students to perform asanas competently. With a range of yoga classes catering to people with different schedules and preferences, you are more than likely to find a class which is tailored to your needs here. If you are especially serious about improving your asana techniques, this studio is definitely worth a visit!


Jl. Gandapura No.55, Merdeka, Sumur Bandung, Bandung


Want to spice up your yoga classes? Want something unique, special and out of the ordinary? Amity Studio might be the place for you! Offering Zumba workouts, martial arts classes and combined yoga/ pilates sessions, Amity Studio is so much more than just a  your regular run-of-the-mill yoga studio! Be sure to give it a go, especially if you wish to experience something unique and refreshing.


Jl. Cipedes Tengah No. 138, Bandung 40152


If you are not a fan of big classes, try Bumi Yoga! This studio offers exclusive yoga classes which limit the number of participants to 10 per class, thus allowing the experience to be much more personal. No matter which stage or level of proficiency you are at, there will be a class here to cater to your needs.


Bandung is a great travel destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While you’re there, do give some of these yoga studios a shot to truly unwind and refresh your mind, body and soul!