Top picks in Chicago – Vegetarian restaurants

Top picks in Chicago – Vegetarian restaurants

by Ashley Tan 16 Jan 2020

Known for its beautiful skyline marked by lakes that reflect the strobe lights emanated by its bold skyscrapers, as well as food favourites including deep-dish pizza and signature Italian beef sandwich, Chicago is one of the most bustling cities in north-eastern Illinois. Though Chicago is a known food haven, finding vegetarian restaurants in this meat-savvy city that serve tasty fare can be a challenge. Here, we present you a list of restaurants to help ease your burden of finding eateries will satisfy your vegetarian or vegan-friendly epicurean desires when in the Windy City.     


1. Baptiste & Bottle

101 E Erie St Fl 20, Chicago, IL 60611


At Baptiste & Bottle, get ready to be wowed by a range of highly flavoured dishes including chilled sweet corn soup and Red Snapper comprising an ambrosial combination of clams, fennel, and sheepnose peppers. A must-try is the delicate squash mixed into a salad with burrata, smoked dates, and pepitas, which is sure to satisfy your taste buds. This restaurant also boasts an impressive whiskey selection which you can splurge on if you’re in a lavish mood or would simply like to treat yourself.


2. Chicago Diner

3411 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657


At this diner, rest assured that all menu items are vegan-friendly. In fact, there are also multiple gluten-free options, such as the spinach artichoke dip and truffle mushroom lentil loaf. This eatery’s signature Radical Reuben sandwich made from corned beef seitan, grilled onions, sauerkraut, and vegan thousand island & cheese is not only meat-free, but also simply delightful. The best part? All of the items on the main menu are under $15, which makes dining here extremely affordable!


3. Clever Rabbit

3411 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657


If you’re looking for a restaurant which serves colourful, Instagram-worthy dishes, then the Clever Rabbit is the place to go. Fresh and seasonal produce is served here, and the range of drinks served is truly multitudinous. From red wine to rosé to cocktails to beer, finding an alcoholic beverage that suits you should not be an issue at this cosy hideout. Pair one of these drinks with the sinful crudité platter for a hearty and healthy meal that is definitely worth the splurge!


4. Handlebar

2311 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647


Dine at this West Side dive for “food, booze, and good times”, the three things that all of us look that are captured (and promised!) in its slogan. You can power up with vegetarian and vegan comfort food made entirely from scratch at this local restaurant that has received raving reviews from its customers! The full-service bar and beer garden at this eatery also provides a variety of options for you to quench your thirst, before you indulge in organic or gluten-free options including black bean tostadas, blackened catfish, and grilled fish tacos.


5. Majani

7167 S Exchange Ave, Chicago, IL 60649


Craving for dishes inspired by African and South American recipes? Then Majani is just the place for you! Favourites amongst patrons at this restaurant include the crab cake sandwich made with tofu, and the BBQ Cauliflower, both of which are vegetarian-friendly. This eatery’s light-heartened ambience and sun-lit environment will undoubtedly contribute to the overall experience, and the affordable price of the food served is simply the icing on the cake.


From swanky to casual, there is definitely a restaurant that caters to your taste and preference in Chicago. Vegetarian and vegan diets don’t always have to be stagnant or stale. In fact, they could be just as vibrant as the city they’re situated in!