Top picks in Dubai – Hiking trails

Top picks in Dubai – Hiking trails

by Muhaimin X 22 Jan 2020

Scenes of greens can sometimes be a hard task to find in the city. The capital city of Dubai is a glittering metropolis filled with skyscrapers, apartments, residences, shopping centres, and office buildings and it can be hard for those who are looking for a walking adventure.


1. “Secret staircase” - Musandam mountains

The journey along the Musandam mountain is an easy enough trail that's popular amongst trekkers of all fitness levels. This three-hour trek requires you to bring passports as it's also situated across the Oman border.


However, the journey pays dividends as you get access to secret staircases handbuilt by Pakistani goat herders, and also a visit to Twaifat and Yehnadj, two villages famous for their ancient gravestones and Petroglyphs.


2. Wadi Tayyibah - Dibba Al Fujairah

Wadi Tayyibah is a much-needed visit if you are a historical junkie. The roads allow you to experience natural pools and old irrigation systems, as well as the old village of Tayyibah and the town’s museum, which gives an insight into the traditional way of life. You can even stop for a picnic along the way too!


3. The Shawka Dam Loop - Fujairah

Located two hours away from Dubai, the 10km-long Shawka Dam Loop is popular with bikers and trekkers for their well-maintained gravel roads.  This trail differs from the rest due to its complete desert scenery and if you're lucky, you’ll catch camels, goats, donkeys and various species of native birds while on the road. The site is also a popular camping destination, so you can choose to spend the night if you’re up for some night-time adventure!


Hike’s don’t necessarily have to be all about greenery. There is a certain desolate beauty that only comes with wide open swathes of land, much like the kind you’ll find around Dubai. Pack some extra sunscreen though; you don’t want to end up getting singed by the midday sun!