Top picks in Hong Kong – Nature parks

Top picks in Hong Kong – Nature parks

by Vanessa Ng 09 Jan 2020

Hong Kong is not just well known for its local food, but also for its nature parks. Despite its well-known reputation for being one of the busiest cities in the Asian Pacific region, there are also plenty of places where one can go and reconnect with the Earth!


1. Lion Rock Park

If your idea of relaxation takes the form of a long uphill hike, then this is for you. Lion Rock is a large rock on top of a hill that is said to resemble (surprise surprise) a lion. The initial hike near the head of Lion Rock is rather challenging as it is quite steep. Interestingly, there is an Amah Rock on the hill near the entrance of the Lion Rock Tunnel that looks like a woman carrying a baby on her back. It is believed that the woman carrying her baby was waiting for her husband to return home. However, the saddening long wait turned them into stone. Despite the tragic story, you can look forward to getting a beautiful panoramic view to lift your spirits once you reach the top.


2. Kowloon Park

Previously known as Whitfield Barrack, this 13-hectare park has been a staple visit for many Hong Kong-ians. Suitable for people from all age groups, this park contains a wide spectrum of family-friendly amenities. There is a sports centre, a maze, a pool and more. The famous bird lake can also be found within the park. There, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on over 200 birds of various species such as the beautiful black-necked swan, flamingo, and Mandarin duck.


3. Victoria Park

Spanning across 19 hectares, Victoria Park is the biggest park on the Hong Kong Island. Do some research before heading over – if you come during the right festive period, you may be able to catch events such as the gorgeous Flower Market prior to Chinese New Year or even the lantern carnivals during the Mid-Autumn Festival! Otherwise, you can still engage in a variety of sports there. There is a foot reflexology path for you to enjoy some free relief, although you will need to grit your teeth a little bit!


4. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Plant lovers can visit the bamboo garden or even take a walk down the camellia garden. Don’t forget to check out the fragrant magnolia garden or explore the bauhinia garden either! Of course, the zoo is also there for those who prefer the company of fauna over flora.


5. Hong Kong Wetland Park

As a hub of conservation, this pro eco-tourism park is home to Hong Kong’s favourite scaly scallywag, Pui Pui the crocodile. If the prospect of meeting a toothy reptile is too scary for you, why not take a relaxing stroll down the stream walk, mangrove boardwalk or the bird hideouts instead? Pui Pui will be sure to give you your space!


Remember to check the weather forecast in advance and also on the day itself before heading out. Going on a clear day will pretty much guarantees great visibility, allowing you take in all that Mother Nature has to offer. Of course, a slightly overcast day has its own charm as well, especially for those who are averse to the scorching midday sun!