Top picks in Jakarta - Pet-friendly cafés

Top picks in Jakarta - Pet-friendly cafés

by Ashley Tan 30 Jan 2020

Have you ever considered visiting a top-notch café for a relaxed Sunday morning breakfast with your adorable fur-kid, only to find yourself scratching your head because of the seeming dearth of pet-friendly cafés in the Jakarta area? Well, fret not, because we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 pet-friendly cafés and restaurants in Jakarta that not only welcome human patrons, but also furry four-legged guests. 


1. Antipodean Coffee

A highly renowned café with a string of awards to justify its prominence, Antipodean Coffee brings the European café culture to Jakarta. With a menu offering a variety of multicultural dishes hailing from all corners of the world, it is no wonder that this café remains a popular gathering spot. The best part of all – you get to bring your furry friend with you to enjoy this unique café experience!


Location: Kemang Hero Complex, Jln. Kemang Selatan 1, Kemang, Jakarta.


2. Caswell’s Coffee

Known for their coffees and fresh espressos, Caswell’s Coffee offers a variety of blends roasted from high quality Arabica green beans. This café also offers cupping classes, where you can learn how to better appreciate the nuances of coffee taste and smell, as well as barista training sessions!


Location: Jl. Ampera Raya No. 9, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. 


3. Honu Poke and Matcha Bar

Located in Kemang, this relatively new café serves colourful Hawaiian dishes known as “poke bowls”, which contain a mix of raw fish, rice and other ingredients such as eggs and cucumber. So, if you’re in the area, why not head down to this café with your four-legged friend along to grab a bite and enjoy a HONU iced matcha latte to complete your meal?


Location: Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 125, South Jakarta. 


4. Sophie’s Authentique

Aside from being a pet-friendly café, Sophie’s Authentique also offers a plethora of French delicacies such as almond croissants, eclairs, baguettes and madeleines, amongst others. The friendly staff are also more than willing to provide your pup with a refreshing bowl of water while you kick back and relax to enjoy your meal.


Location: Jl Kemang Selatan No. 20a.


5. KOI

One of Jakarta’s most prominent cafes, KOI is the perfect place to visit for a hearty meal with friends and family (your pooch is invited too, of course!). Not only does KOI serve Western cuisine, it also offers a wide variety of dishes from the region including Pad Thai and Vietnamese Spring Rolls, as well as traditional Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng. This iconic café is definitely a must-visit for both locals and tourists!


Location: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72. 


6. Baconerie

Indulge in artisanal dishes and cured meats at Baconerie, where all of your Instgaram #food dreams are brought to life. Be prepared to be amazed by aesthetically-pleasing cakes and sandwiches, so don’t forget to bring your camera along with you! After all, what could make for a better photo op than a picture-perfect meal along with your favourite little friend? De rien!


Location: Jl. Benda No. 1, Kemang, South Jakarta.


7. Turning Point Coffee

With a classy, minimalist setting, this café mainly offers caffeine drinks and desserts such as cakes and doughnuts. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly café that offers beautiful latte art, then this is definitely the place for you. Be sure to check out their Instagram page, which frequently features the adorable four-legged friends that visit their café!


Location: Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara, Ruko Golden 8 Extension Blok K No.10


8.  ¿Por Qué No?

Capturing the authentic Spanish dining experience, dishes on this café’s menu include Berenjenas Fritas (fried eggplant trips with honey truffle) and a range of interesting ensalads (salads). Bring your pooch along for an enjoyable weekend lunch, and be sure to try their popular Spanish tapas and classic cocktails.


Location: De Ritz Building, 5th Floor, Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 91 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat — 10310


9. Vodka & Latte

While Vodka & Latte offers primarily Japanese-style pet grooming services including washing, styling and trimming, you are free to indulge in food and beverages served at the establishment’s Oh La La Café. So, if you’re looking for a place to indulge your cuddly little friend, then why not visit this luxurious pet boutique – let’s call it a date!


Location: Jl. Kemang Timur Raya 88A, South Jakarta


10. HaloNiko!

With unlimited access to an alluring view of a pool and lush trees, Halo Niko provides a cozy ambience to complete your dining experience with your pup. This café serves Greek dishes, including lamb chops and coffee that are definitely worth a try if you’re seeking new opportunities to explore Greek cuisine in Asia.


Location: Jln. Warung Buncit Raya No. 98, South Jakarta. 


What better way to celebrate the love and trust you share with your pet than to bring him/her out on a top-notch date? Don’t forget to snap a couple of shots to commemorate this fun day out!