Top picks in Kuala Lumpur – Dance studios

Top picks in Kuala Lumpur – Dance studios

by Pamela Ng 25 Feb 2020

You are in KL and want to get in shape amidst all the shopping, eating and vacationing. But the gym is way too boring. Well, with these 5 dance studios in KL, you don’t have to feel like such a bummer! Here are 5 great dance studios that will keep you up and about:


1. Misfit Dance Studio

Located at Sri Petaling, this dance studio welcomes people of all ages - from 3 years old to adults. With a variety of dance classes such as Hip Hop and Zumba, you will definitely be able to find what makes you happy and your body move. Whether you want to practise a dance for a special occasion, or simply try dance as your hobby, Misfit Dance Studio is the place for you.


2. Passion Danz Studio

It can be difficult to find people passionate in their art, but at Passion Danz Studio, you’d never feel more at home! Leading the studio is a team of wholehearted dancers who dance competitively and extensively. As its name implies, the studio hopes to ignite each and everyone’s passion for dance. And it indeed shows, because the studio specialises in teaching a wide range of dance styles that are suited for various purposes.


3. Dancepot

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always something for everyone at Dancepot. With various dance classes such as hip hop, K-pop and salsa, the only worry you’ll have is wondering which one to pick. But fret not! With prices ranging from RM80-120 per month, it is fairly affordable and you can try out the different dance styles whenever you want.


4. LindyKL

If the thought of having too many choices is weighing you down, have a gander at LindyKL. This dance studio specialises in teaching swing dancing hailing from the 20s and 30s. You can reminisce about the glory days of a bygone era while you soak up the vibes from this retro groove. Best of all, pricing at RM100 for a 3-hour class makes it fairly affordable. What’s not to like?


5. Talent Hub

True to its name, this arts centre not only provides dance classes, but also a range of activities from martial arts to drama classes. If you fancy yourself the adventurous type who wants to try everything under the moon, this is the place for you! There are many different dance styles on offer, from burlesque and breakdancing to Latin, American and jazz.


Dancing can take a lot out of you. Although it isn’t really regarded as a sport, it has many fitness benefits as well. It gets your blood flowing, your muscles working and your mind happy. Best of all, it’s social and fun! If you’re looking for a sign to get up and dance for better health, this is it!