Top picks in Kuala Lumpur – Hiking trails

Top picks in Kuala Lumpur – Hiking trails

by Ashley Tan 14 Jan 2020

Kuala Lumpur is generally regarded as a shopping haven which offers the best deals and steals, or known for its famous Petronas Twin Towers which were once the tallest buildings in the world. However, this bustling city actually offers more than just a cosmopolitan lifestyle – in fact, there are a ton of nature-related activities that you can partake in in the capital of Malaysia, including hiking! Not only will this list of breath-taking hiking trails get your feet moving, but you’ll also get the chance to catch a rare bird’s eye view of the beautiful city!


1. Kanching Falls



As suggested by its name, Kanching Falls offers more than a fun hike, because you’ll also get to trek alongside an enthralling waterfall! Because the trail is rather steep, it tends to be fairly empty, which means you’ll have a little more space as you tread up carefully. In fact, if you’re up for it on a hot and sunny day, you could even take a dip in the waterfall to cool off. Needless to say, this hike will be a refreshing one, though you should be careful of the lingering monkeys which might get a little aggressive if you’re openly munching or holding on food. 


2. Broga Hill

Broga, Seminyih


If you’re a morning person, then hiking up Broga Hill to catch sunrise is definitely an option that you may want to consider! Known locally as “Bukit Lalang”, which translates into “Lalang Hill”, this hill which is 400m in height begins with a jungle trek before turning into a steep incline that is sure to get your muscles working. There are also a couple of stalls which sell water and snacks at the entrance of the hill, so you’ll be able to grab a quick bite before continuing your journey up. 


3. Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Jalan Frim, Kepong


With its lush green trees and stunning waterfall streams, FRIM is undoubtedly one of the most popular places amongst active individuals residing in Kuala Lumpur. The Canopy Walk is a favourite amongst those looking for a good trek, though you will need to pay an entrance fee of RM5 for Malaysians and RM20 for non-Malaysians to set foot on this path. The trail will take about an hour to two hours to complete, so grab your family and friends members along for company as you exercise whilst enjoying the scenery that this hideout has to offer!


4. Tabur West Hill

Taman Melawati


Better known as the Dragon’s Backbone, Tabur West Hill offers one of the most mesmerising views that is sure to put you in an introspective mood. While the rocky terrain might make the hike a more challenging one, it is definitely surmountable as long as you’re tactical and careful. This hike will take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to complete, depending on your level of fitness and speed at which you trek. The trail also includes some rock climbing, so be sure to have your equipment such as a pair of solid shoes and gloves ready. You might have to work for it, but the view you’ll catch at the end of the trail is definitely worth it.


5. Tabur East Hill

Taman Melawati


This hill is the sibling of Tabur West Hill, though the trail is longer and even more precarious. However, for those who are adventurous and thrill-seeking, the ascension to the top is definitely well worth the time and effort. The trail ends with a cliff, and you’ll have the opportunity to straddle the edge and appreciate the picturesque views while taking one of those cool shots that you frequently see on Instagram. The best part? You don’t need to obtain a permit to hike this route, so it’s pretty free and easy, though you might want to scale this 446m hill with someone who’s more experienced, just in case!


So, why not take a trip down to this city for an active weekend, and enjoy the local delights after a fulfilling trek? Getting some fresh air away from modern living which can get a little stifling and rigid is always good for you, and Kuala Lumpur is just the place to seek refuge for a wellness retreat, without even having to stray too far from the city!