Top picks in Miami – Gyms

Top picks in Miami – Gyms

by Ashley Tan 12 Jan 2020

Aside from being known for its breezy beaches and buzzing night life, Miami is also frequently viewed as a fitness hotspot by many around the globe. The number of gyms in this city range from pricey boutique gyms to premises that specialise in certain activities such as spinning and barre. Since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to gyms, finding one that best suits you is critical.


1. Metropolis Fitness

1430 Madruga Ave., Coral Gables, Florida 33146; 305-722-6000


While Coral Gables isn’t technically in Miami, it’s practically next door! If you’re looking for a gym which offers a whole range of classes and programmes, then Metropolis Fitness is likely to be the right fit for you. Aside from offering more than 70 group classes every week, this gym also provides children’s classes, so you’ll be able to bring your little one along for a fun workout and bond with them over fitness. As this gym is a self-proclaimed neighbourhood and community-focused one, membership fees and prices of various programmes are also specifically catered to clients’ needs and desires, such that they are affordable for everyone.


2. Soul Cycle

1 Hotel South Beach, 3225 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, Florida 33139; 305-740-3601

25 SW 9th St., Suite G102, Miami, Florida 33131; 305-407-8801


SoulCycle has recently become a favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts, with many singing praises of its cathartic effects and health benefits. This indoor-cycling studio offers full-body workouts that incorporate hand weights and core work, so you’ll definitely be in for an intense workout. However, rest assured that this session won’t soul-ly be all about “no pain, no gain” – Soul Cycle prides itself on providing engaging and even inspirational sessions, as their instructors serve both as experienced trainers and motivational coaches. Many clients have emerged from these sessions in complete awe of their coaches, who provided invaluable nuggets of knowledge and inspirational messages to them, which is a clear testament to the effectiveness of these sessions.


3. Pilathon

2700 N. Miami Ave., Miami, Florida 33127; 305-728-7800


This gym holds a forte in Pilates, which include interesting and novel workouts such as rooftop Pilates. However, it also offers several “Mix ‘n’ Match” programmes comprising guided cardiovascular exercises, as well as other workouts such as yoga and rowing. However, do note that this location may be a slightly less accessible, as it is located at the top of Cynergi building. Classes also need to be reserved in advance and the gm has a 12-hour cancellation policy, so if you’re someone who favours convenience because of your busy or unpredictable schedule, then this is something you may want to take into account.


4. Barry’s Bootcamp

1835 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, Miami, Florida 33139; 786-888-1699

3250 NE 1st Ave., #105, Miami, Florida 33137; 786-725-5791



This elite fitness studio will immerse you in a club-like experience — except that you won’t be drinking or dancing. Instead, you’ll be engaging in rigorous activities that will require more than the burst of energy provided by a shot of tequila. Each class consists of a HIIT workout, which includes a combination of short bursts of high-energy activity and extended periods of low-energy activity. Barry’s also offers a wide array of other workout sessions that aim to enhance your abs, legs, and back, amongst other areas of your body, so the ball is truly in your court when it comes down to deciding which class to sign up for!


5. Redbike

1399 SW First Ave., #102, Miami, Florida 33130; 305-646-1499


As inferred by its name, Redbike is an indoor cycling studio that aims to transform the typical gym experience from one that is characterised by dread to one where you feel excited to enter the premises for your workout. This gym offers a unique experience with its Miami-inspired club lights and bass beats that will instantly transport you to a replica of South Beach. Their stationary bicycle workouts are anything but insipid, with invigorating music and qualified coaches to motivate you, such that you work even harder to maximise the number of calories you burn during your session.


Whether it’s pounding away on a bike or holding a stretch that appeals to you, there is definitely a gym in Miami that will suit your individual needs. Do fork out some time to check out the gym that you might be interested in before signing up, so that you have a good gauge of what it is able to offer you. Working out can be a fun and exciting affair – perhaps even close to or better than what you might experience at a club!