Top picks in Phuket – Running spots

Top picks in Phuket – Running spots

by Ashley Tan 08 Jan 2020

We’re all aware that a run a day can help to keep the doctor away, but that doesn’t eliminate the dread of having to haul yourself out of your comfort zone to engage in this fitness activity. But, choosing a scenic location to run could provide you with some incentive to get your feet moving, especially when you find yourself on the beautiful island of Phuket.


1. Suan Luang

As one of the most authentic running parks that Phuket has to offer, Suan Luang is adorned with vibrant blooming flowers and bodies of water that are sure to provide you with a sense of peace and tranquillity. This park not only boasts a smooth running path that will prevent you from straining yourself while engaging in your daily jog, but also several exercise tools and equipment that are at your disposal.


2. Nai Harn Lake

Situated in the south of Nai Harn Beach, Nai Harn Lake offers a breath-taking view for your eyes to take in during your run. The distance around the lake is approximately 2.2km, and there are a couple of public exercising tools such as body resistance machines that you can use to supplement your run as well. This is especially useful if you’re looking for something more than just a running trail – you get to use the equipment available to train other muscles too!


3. Bangwad Dam

Located in Kathu District, a central area in Phuket, the Bangwad Dam is a popular spot amongst people from all walks of life. Peppered with shady trees along the sidewalk, as well as trickling sounds of water from small waterfalls filling the scene, this running spot is sure to improve your mood and make you feel at one with nature, especially if you’ve been feeling stressed out and fatigued lately.


4. Patong Headland

If you’re looking for a more challenging route, then starting at the tip of the peninsula before following the trail that leads to Patong Headland may do the trick. As a trail that is rather steep and hilly, it could be a challenging run, especially since you’ll be running on an upward slope. The trail is approximately 10km, and ends at the north end of town.


5. Ko Samet Running Trail 

Blessed with crystal clear waters and powdery white sand, Ko Samet is a small island across from the village of Rayong, which is about 190km away from Bangkok. Aside from enjoying the coastal breeze, you can also admire the island’s flora and fauna as you run from the beach towards the costal highlands and back. Getting there will take some planning, as you’ll probably need to take a ferry or hire a speedboat to arrive at the island. The experience however, is well worth the effort!


Running doesn’t always have to be a tedious, uninspiring activity, especially when you have an abundance of running spots to pick from in the stunning island of Phuket. Experiencing a change in scenery and taking in some fresh air can be extremely helpful for not only your body, but also your mind as well!