Top picks in Queensland – Gyms

Top picks in Queensland – Gyms

by Ashley Tan 15 Jan 2019

Staying in shape is never just a phase – it’s a lifelong goal that shapes our very lifestyles. While pounding the pavement and getting some fresh air (especially in a place like sunshine-filled Queensland) is always a good option, hitting the gym to complete a daily workout is also an alternative that many look to. The type of equipment and environment that a gym offers are often crucial to providing a catered experience that is uniquely for you and can help facilitate your training programme. To find out our top gym picks in the Gold Coast Area, check out this list of recommendations!


1. HITT Australia

3/178 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157, Australia

5/210 Robinson Rd E, Geebung QLD 4034, Australia


We’re all aware of the effective results that engaging in HITT exercises can wield, but did you know that there’s a gym in Queensland that specialises in these workouts? Aside from specialising in providing clients with high intensity interval training (HITT) services, HITT Australia also aims to motivate clients by recommending exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes.


As a testament to the raving reviews that it receives, trainers at HITT Australia are known as the “Transformation Specialists”, as they possess the experience and expertise to help customers achieve astounding results. The gym also runs a total of 28 HITT classes per week, which are inspired by Muay Thai Kickboxing and incorporate Strength & Conditioning methods that promise fast fat-burning results.


2. Sharks Fitness

Corner Olsen & Musgrave Avenues, Southport QLD 4215


If you’re looking for a gym that is fully stocked with all the equipment that you can possibly think of, then Sharks Fitness is likely the place for you. This gym offers more than 160 pieces of cardio and strength equipment, and over 100 group classes every week including Cycle Studio and Mind and Body Studio that you can select from.


According to general manager of business development, fitness and events Daragh Murphy, “Our core values are ensuring health and fitness form an enjoyable and rewarding part of a balanced lifestyle… Exercising should be a social activity within a safe, supportive and fun environment.” If these values are ones that appeal to you and align with your own, then definitely take some time to check out this gym!


3. Hold Your Own

11/110 Kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia


Started by Nathan Wallace with the motive of providing individuals a safe sanctuary to practice heavy lifting without any interruptions, Hold Your Own gym offers a wide variety of special equipment catered specifically to helping members build body strength.


“I wanted to offer a training facility for strength and conditioning where people felt comfortable lifting heavy weights and having plenty of racks and floor space… We’re more based on strength and body composition rather than a commercial type gym that does a little bit of everything,” Wallace shared. In fact, this gym has also dedicated a Kids Room for children, such that parents who do not wish to hire a babysitter while they work out can still bring their little ones along with them while getting in their exercise without any disruptions.


4. World Gym Ashmore

542 Olsen Ave, Ashmore QLD 4215, Australia


World Gym is, quite literally, a world-class gym, with celebrities and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world patronising it. This was the gym where world renowned actor and semi-retired wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was spotted working out, which says quite a bit about the type of facilities and environment that this gym offers.


Moreover, its live DJ sessions and vibrant walls filled with street art are sure to get you in a pumping mood that will motivate you to lift a few more weights and push yourself a little harder. What more could we ask from a gym that provides an inspiring environment to assist you in achieving your fitness goals?


5. Never Quit Gym

5/51 Upton St, Bundall QLD 4217, Australia


True to its name, Never Quit Gym abides by the philosophy, “Winners never quit. Quitters never win.” Other than offering a convenient location in central Gold Coast, this gym also provides a spectrum of training methods including CrossFit, boxing, yoga, circuit training, and even adventure race training. According to founder Ian D’Andrade, “A combination of all these different disciplines allows for amazing variety which keep our members engaged and progressing without plateauing.”


Most importantly, however, is that one of the major credos which this gym promotes is the importance of a caring and supportive community. “Every single person that walks through the door is important to us, we take time to make sure each member is focused and have the correct tools to reach their goals. You can see that they feel part of the Never Quit family — everyone is here to help each other,” emphasised D’Andrade. Being part of an inclusive and encouraging community can truly do wonders, especially when you’re struggling and feel isolated or alone in your fitness journey!


Each of the gyms listed above offer something unique; no two are the same in terms of their philosophies or specialties. To identify which gym best suits you, it’s critical to drop by to check it out, and do some additional research to assess whether the things that it provides – be it equipment, trainers, or location – are in accordance with your wants and needs. With a plethora of gyms Queensland, it shouldn’t be too difficult finding one that suits your style!