Top picks in Queenstown – Gyms

Top picks in Queenstown – Gyms

by Natalie L 12 Jan 2020

Bungee jump off a suspension bridge; jet-boat along the river banks; ski down majestic slopes in winter. It is no wonder that Queenstown is known for being home to adventure sports. Indeed, this city of New Zealand is in no way short of physical activities to occupy the restless soul. Nevertheless, if you are looking for more conventional everyday fitness regimens, Queenstown boasts its fair share of world-class gyms as well!



13 Red Oaks Drive, Queenstown, 9300 New Zealand


Boasting a fantastic international reputation, F45 is one of best destinations for getting in a full-body workout in as short a time as possible. F45 creatively combines 3 distinct fitness training styles—High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training, providing clients with unique and fulfilling gym sessions. With over 30 different workouts for you to choose from (each lasting 45 minutes), you can be sure that F45 has something for everyone. Focusing on both cardiovascular and strength training, you can expect to see the results from your training sessions within weeks!


Flex Fitness, Queenstown

Shop 34/6 Grant Rd, Frankton, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand


Flex Fitness has received excellent reviews time and time again, and rightfully so! Home to a wide range of fitness classes—such as boxing, HIIT and core workouts, Flex Fitness caters to many different needs and preferences. Their approach is to challenge each individual to push his/her boundaries and to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a 24-hour open-door policy, there's no reason for you to miss workouts any more!


Industrial Fitness

17 Repco Blvd, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand


Having a hard time choosing from martial arts, HIIT, boxing, CrossFit and circuit classes? Why not give Industrial Fitness — an excellent gym which offers all of these classes — a shot? In addition to training facilities, Industrial Fitness also offers clean meals and a recovery-focused Salt Float spa, making it an excellent all-in-one fitness spot for health buffs. Moreover, offering free trial classes and memberships which start from just $21, Industrial Fitness comes as an extremely affordable gym option!


Snap Fitness 24-7

Unit 1, The Landing, 5 Hawthorne Drive Queenstown, SO 9300


Instead of merely focusing on weight-loss or increasing muscle mass, Snap Fitness is driven by functional workouts — training that is based on our everyday actions and movements. Functional training is thus highly beneficial and suitable for all individuals, regardless of fitness levels or goals. Another unique aspect of Snap Fitness is its heart rate monitoring technology which allows you to track your progress in real-time. Open 24/7 to members, be prepared to hit the gym at literally any time of day at Snap Fitness!


CrossFit Queenstown

57B Gorge Rd, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand


Even if you're a newcomer to the fitness scene, you're sure to have heard about the community that is CrossFit. The box (CrossFit's version of a gym) at Queenstown specialises in training, nutrition and physiotherapy, offering a holistic package for anyone between a beginner and veteran status. They also conduct a high-intensity/low-impact class known as “BulletProof” which is open to the public, so you can get a general feel of the atmosphere there before committing.


Whether you are looking for gyms to enhance your current level of fitness or to just keep active, these locations are sure to have you covered. When you've got options as exciting as these, who would want to stay home all day?