Top picks in Sarawak – Beaches

Top picks in Sarawak – Beaches

by Eunice Chua 03 Feb 2020

Think of Sarawak, and images of exotic caves and rainforests teeming with wildlife come to mind. It’s little wonder that many nature and adventure lovers all over the world pack their bags and fly to Sarawak for a tropical holiday. But the largest state in Malaysia offers a well-kept secret: the gorgeous beaches are an ideal relaxation spot for travellers who just want to bask in the sun, sea and glorious scenery. Here are some of the best beaches Sarawak has to offer.


1. Hawaii Beach

Kampong Bakam, 98000 Miri


Asian travellers, you don’t need to fly all the way around the world for a Hawaiian getaway. The Hawaii beach is tucked away in a cosy village area but boasts an expansive stretch of powdery white sand sheltered by a dense network of palm trees. Traditional wooden bridges and huts add a touch of nostalgia and culture. There are also areas for barbeques, making this beach perfect for a family getaway.


2. Damai Beach

Teluk Bandung Santubong, 93756 Kuching


Sarawak is famous for its rainforests, but not all of us are comfortable with entering a hot, dense jungle teeming with mosquitos. At Damai Beach, you can lounge on the pristine orange sand that is fringed by the famed rainforests so you’re as close to the great wilderness as can be. The resorts here are famous and for good reason – they offer city-like luxury amidst an authentic tropical beach experience.


3. Pantai Temasya Tanjung Batu

Pantai Temasya Tanjung Batu, Tg Batu Road, 97000 Bintulu


The perfect spot for couples; this cosy beach isn’t overpopulated like most famous tourist spots and provides the perfect location for lovebirds to share a quiet evening together. The sunsets here are astounding and make the ideal backdrop for a romantic picnic by the sea.


4. Tusan Cliff Beach

Jalan Coastal Bintulu, Miri


Ever seen one of those ethereal photos of glowing blue oceans? The famous ones are found in places such as Taiwan’s Matsu Islands or Maldive’s Vaadhoo Beach – and in Sarawak’s Tusan Cliff Beach. By day, the beach is a clean white stretch scattered with dozens of seashells. By night, the sea glow an otherworldly blue that’s as mystical as the Northern lights, due to a type of algae found in the waters.


5. Brighton Beach

Pantai Tanjung Lobang, 98000 Miri


This is one tourist spot you shouldn’t miss. Brighton Beach boasts a rich heritage as the first recreation park in the city. The two picturesque piers make the perfect spot for beautiful holiday photos, and the delicious fresh seafood stores at the nearby food court will definitely satisfy a hungry traveller.


The next time you’re feel the urge to head to locations like the Maldives or Gold Coast for a beach getaway, consider going to Sarawak instead for a more unique tropical experience with views that are no less stunning than anywhere else in the world!