Top picks in Singapore – Healthy cafés

Top picks in Singapore – Healthy cafés

by Pamela Ng 22 Feb 2020

Singapore is flooded with food establishments and eateries that make temptation difficult to escape. As is the case with most food that’s served outside, not all places provide healthier menus. If you’re feeling peckish however, here are 10 cafes in Singapore that you can hit up for food that is both delicious and nutritious!


1. Real Food

Started off as a small and humble business, Real Food has now expanded to four different locations, allowing all across the island to enjoy healthy foods. The cafés steer clear of meat, processed ingredients and trans-fat, making delicious food that is good for the body.


2. Sarnie’s

Conveniently located at Telok Ayer, Sarnies has become a favourite for people who brunch and people who loves healthy food. While their wholesome sandwiches are satisfying, their coffees are also praiseworthy. What’s not to like about brunch?


3. Mahota

Organic is the name of the game at Mahota. Here, their foods include fresh vegetables, free-range meats and organic coffee. Eating healthy has never been more delicious.


4. Afterglow

We know that raw foods can give some pretty dope health benefits for the body, and so does Afterglow. Their menu consists of raw foods that are colourful and full of nutrients. Some go-to items include a raw nut “cheese” dip, sushi bowls and a quinoa-strone soup.


5. The Lawn

If you are wondering what to get for lunch, try The Lawn. Located at Biopolis at Bouna Vista, it is a great go-to place for office gatherings. You can customise your own bowl of greens and an interesting selection of meats that include maple-infused chicken breast and char-grilled prawns. Who says office gatherings have to be boring?


6. Plentyfull

For fresh and healthy meals, Plentyfull is the place to be. All the foods are healthy, homemade and delicious. Their quality and seasonal ingredients are simply hard to beat.


7. Lean Bento

With a menu of lunchboxes that are low in calories and high in proteins, Lean Bento certainly live up to its name! Located at Holland Drive, it is a great place for busy office workers to get healthy takeaway lunches. It is affordable and certified Halal. Now everyone can enjoy a bento of healthy food!


8. The Daily Roundup

For a light but delicious meal, The Daily Roundup should be your go-to. Founded by famed chef Bruno Menard, you can be assured that the food with taste amazing and exquisite. Their ingredients are sourced worldwide, fresh, and organic.


9. Afterwit

Craving for pizzas or burritos? These are usually associated with unhealthy foods. But not anymore at Afterwit! The Mexican-inspired eatery put a healthy twist to your usual guilty pleasures. Have a go at their Cranberry Turkey Bacon Burrito or share the joy of a Salmon Tortilla Pizza, and you can end your meal with ice-cream tacos!


10. Open Door Policy (ODP)

While many places offer many food items that is made with organic ingredients, few cater to people who are gluten and/or lactose-intolerant. If you are one of those people, ODP is the place for you. They have a menu that is free of dairy and gluten ingredients. But don’t worry, it doesn’t compensate with taste because the food still taste amazing.


In Singapore, eating healthy is often neglected by many people because there is a misconception that these healthier alternatives are more expensive (or not as tasty). The truth is, wholesome food can be even more delicious given that the natural flavours of the food are allowed to emerge, making for a more immersive dining experience. Eating better can also provide numerous benefits for your body and health, and that beats going to the doctor’s and racking up exorbitant medical bills any day!