Top picks in Singapore – Picnic spots

Top picks in Singapore – Picnic spots

by Muhaimin X 17 Jan 2020

Singapore is a small island, but it does house a couple of gems when it comes to finding a spot for your Sunday picnics.  Apart from crowd favourites such as Marina Barrage and Botanic Gardens, there are also other lesser-known spots for you to experience with your loved ones, family and friends! Here are just a couple of them:


1. Yishun Dam

Yishun Ave 1, 769130, Singapore


Technically not a well-kept secret as it has been featured in local articles about hidden gems in Singapore, but you’ve probably also been told that this place is extremely inaccessible. Fortunately for you, that has changed with the introduction of bus services 103 and 117. If you are planning a trip to the place in the evening, remember to bring along a blanket or a comfortable hoodie because it does get chilly after the sun sets. You can also organise BBQ outings there if you’re in the mood for a big cookout party.


2. Tuas Lalang Field

Tuas South Avenue 7, Singapore


Tuas Lalang Field is an underrated treasure of the western part of Singapore and is often overlooked due to its more popular counterpart located at Punggol. The Tuas Lalang Field is a favourite amongst photographers in Singapore, with many of them using the scenic backdrop as their choice for wedding photoshoots. Its quaint, quiet charm and idyllic scenery evokes the atmosphere of mother nature beautifully, creating a picnic spot that’s sequestered away from the public eye. Also, the lalang (a type of grass) here is much shorter than those in Punggol, reducing the risk of getting poked in the eye while you’re traipsing about!


3. Pandan Reservoir

14A Penjuru Rd, 609153, Singapore


While MacRitchie and Lower Seletar reservoir does get the lion’s share of attention due to its grandeur, Pandan reservoir is by comparison a rustic location offering not much more than a simple gravel footpath and no trees. While it might sound underwhelming, this setting provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy a picturesque sunset over the waters with your sweetheart.  With nothing to block your view of the endless expanse of water laid out in front of your eyes, you get to gaze at the deep purples and pinks in the sky as the day rolls to a close.


Since it is the tropics we’re talking about here, be sure to pack a few cans of insect repellent to keep the nasty mosquitoes at bay. While the weather in Singapore is fairly consistent (sun, sun and more sun), it certainly doesn’t hurt to do a quick check on the day’s forecast before heading out! Last but not least, don’t forget to bag your trash – Singapore is known for its cleanliness after all!