Top picks in Singapore - Sports specialists

Top picks in Singapore - Sports specialists

by Ashley Tan 16 Feb 2020

Have you ever had a bad deadlift session do a number on your back, but can’t seem to get rid of it despite countless rolling, stretching and mobilising? If the solution to your physical ailments falls beyond that of you and your doctor’s ken, then it may be time to consider visiting a sports specialist! Here are our recommendations for the top 5 sports specialists located in Singapore that just might put your aches and pains to rest.


1. The Posture Lab

63 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169369


Sometimes, the root cause of your discomfort can be traced to your posture. The Posture Lab sheds light on how your muscles work and body functions by first analysing your normal posture, before intervening through programmes that include sports massage therapy, facilitated stretching and deep tissue massage to improve your overall flexibility and muscle strength.


The approach taken by The Posture Lab has also proven to be effective - several clients have provided stellar feedback, commending founder Emile Dumount on his expertise and skills. Be sure to head to their website to book an appointment soon!


2. Physionique

8 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229572


Founded by Dutch physiotherapist Jan Dekker, Physionique offers quintessential physiotherapy services for active individuals in Singapore. With a multi-national team of physiotherapists, podiatrist, massage therapists and even a Pilates instructor, this physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic provides services including podiatry, sports massage, Pilates and Fitball programmes.


As the first clinic in centre Singapore to specialise in golf therapy, Physionique is ever keen to expand their expertise. With the staff members’ professional advice, it won’t be long before you’re able to get back into the usual swing of things!


3. International Fitness Consultants

Havelock Rd, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore, Singapore 169663


IFC has long adhered to its policy on providing quality service and its focus on improving the health and overall quality of life of its clients. The team of consultants at IFC offer a range of services including physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, sports massage, dry needling, and personal training, and vow to deliver results that exceed any expectations.


The IFC Corporate Wellness Program also promises to offer “a more personal experience that is tailored to each employee”, by considering aspects of your life including your working schedule and resources. If you’re suffering from any physical ailments or injuries including nerve conditions, muscle strains, or are simply looking to improve your fitness, IFC may have just what you need!


4. The Sole Clinic

19 Tanglin Road, #05-19 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909


For running enthusiasts, the idea of experiencing foot pains and ankle strains can put a real damper on the mood of things. Thankfully, specialising in foot health and all its aspects is something that The Sole Clinic excels in. Dealing primarily in podiatry, this clinic also provides services that include paediatric flat feet treatment, callus and corns treatment, and fungal toe nails treatment.


The Sole Clinic also boasts outstanding testimonials from its clients, who have given praise to the clinic’s podiatrists for their cheerful dispositions, clear communication skills, and overall professionalism. All of these are a testament to the efficacious results that the clinic’s staff have produced, which point towards their ability to get you back on your feet again!  


5. Ziklag Fitness

74 Jalan Senang, Singapore 418386


Specialising in soft tissue therapy, Ziklag Fitness utilises Active Release Techniques (ART) to treat overused muscles and other soft tissues. Using a movement-based massage technique to treats problems including headaches, back pain, sciatica, and knee problems amongst others, the ART provider will evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of your muscles using his hands, before administering treatment catered specifically to you.


Other services offered by Ziklag Fitness include personal training for strength and conditioning, fat loss, and NS preparation, as well as boot camps to help you stretch and build core strength, or burn excess calories for a fitter and healthier you.


A trip to any one of these specialists is sure to elicit a sigh of relief, as the idea of knowing for certain what is it that ails you is sure to be more reassuring than relying on self-diagnosis or that of misinformed individuals on the Internet. If knowing is half the battle, then you’ll be halfway through to victory by the time you finish a consultation!