Top picks in Singapore - The best staycations

Top picks in Singapore - The best staycations

by Evigan Xiao 13 Feb 2020

Planning a short and restful respite from work, along with your family? There are so many inns and hotels littered all over Singapore that you’re literally spoilt for choice. Then again, not any ol’ place will do. Family staycations work best when there are activities that the whole family can participate in and enjoy, otherwise it’d just be each member doing their own thing. Here are 5 must-visit and unique staycation spots that will prove memorable for the entire family.


1. Marina Bay Sands

Almost everyone knows about this luxurious and quintessential local highlight. A little-known fact: its architectural design was based on a deck of cards. The Marina Bay Sands hosts a wide array of outstanding facilities such as the ever-popular infinity pool or SkyPark, and offers a gorgeous overview of the city’s landscape. Not to mention, the hotel hosts the ArtScience Museum, and is located in the vicinity of many shopping outlets, which are sure to keep your family occupied for hours and hours.


2. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Dying to have a Bali-themed experience without having to leave the country? Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa allows you to escape to a luxurious and tranquil paradise complete with lush greenery as far as the eye can see. There’s a steam bath, meditative labyrinth, sauna, mud bath and float pool to pamper all your bodily needs! Plus, they screen movies every Friday and Saturday night! Located in Sentosa, Tanjong Beach is also a stone’s throw away, making it an easy convenience for late-night strolls.



Centred in the CBD, this hotel has its own unique architecture. Deemed as the “Top Hotel in Singapore” by TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Award, AMOY is inspired by the original accommodations afforded to Chinese immigrants many decades ago, along with clever modern furnishings. If you’re looking for an “Old meets new, East meets West” concept, look no further!


4. Fullerton Hotel

Also one of Singapore’s historic landmarks, Fullerton Hotel offers opulence in the heart of the city centre. Aside from wellness centres, art exhibits and a hall full of cultural antiquities, Fullerton also offers complimentary tours that educates guests on the colourful backdrop of Fullerton’s origins as well as its significance to the then-fledgling country that was Singapore. Come dusk, families can enjoy a dinner by Clifford Pier in the eponymously named restaurant that offers both local and European cuisine in a fine casual setting.


5. Wanderlust Hotel

Wanderlust hotel brings plenty of value to its guests; great for those on a budget. The hotel is famed for its family-friendly and unconventional themes, offering three different designer room palettes – Pantone, Mono and Whimsical. From treehouse-themed rooms to futuristic capsule-shaped rooms emanating monochrome tones, staying at Wanderlust Hotel is sure to be a memorable and photo-worthy experience.


It’s always nice to escape every now and then, even if it’s somewhere in-country. Staycations are becoming more popular, and for good reason too. You don’t need to board a plane in order to guarantee you and your family a good time, not when there are places like these around!


Photo Credit: Fullerton Hotel Singapore