Top picks in Singapore – Wellness spas

Top picks in Singapore – Wellness spas

by Pamela Ng 17 Feb 2020

When work’s peak season finally comes to an end, it’s always nice to be able to unwind and relax in a spa. Not only does it help to rejuvenate the body, but also the mind. Plus, who doesn’t like being pampered and fussed over like royalty? Here are 5 spas that are sure to deliver in terms of experience and quality, from the most value for money to the most luxurious treatment you can ever find:


1. Spa Club

75 Beach Road, Level 1 & 2, Fu Yuen Building

Singapore 189689


Spa parties are great for any form of celebration of a new milestone in life. At Spa Club, you will definitely find this to be true. Conveniently located at Beach Road and priced competitively at $208 for 120 minutes, the Spa Club’s SPA Party is definitely worth your hard-earned dollar. You can choose to enjoy the indoor pool or its crystal steam room, after which you can select one type of specialised treatment to follow up with. To end the party, a relaxation lounge is available for you and your friends to chill out and enjoy some conversation.


2. Remède Spa

29 Tanglin Rd

Singapore 247911


If you want a full-body spa experience, Remède Spa is able to provide you just that. With the Remède Journey package priced at around $725 for a 5-hour session, each and every part of your body will be subject to soothing touches and massages, from your hands right down to your feet. Don’t let the price tag fool you – if you compare the cost of the treatment by blocks of 60 minutes, you’ll actually find that this is one of the more value-for-money packages out there.


3. St Gregory Spa

Various locations


Conveniently located around the Downtown Core (along with one at Pan Pacific Orchard), this spa is ideal in terms of accessibility. After going through a makeover in 2013, the spa now boasts a variety of facilities that include a Jacuzzi and a rooftop bar that serves healthy snacks and beverages. The treatments are a blend of western and eastern culture. The traditional Chinese tui na massage priced at $180 for 60 minutes is one of the star attractions of this establishment. It entails pressing and stimulating pressure points to bring relaxation to your muscles. Your body will feel as light as a feather after the massage!


4. AWAY Spa

21 Ocean Way

Singapore 098374


If you want to experience a rainforest in an air-conditioned and comforting space, AWAY Spa is definitely the place to be. With a rainforest-inspired theme, the massage rooms are lit by soothing blue to quiet the soul. One of the recommended treatments is the AWAY Body Treat which is priced at $380 for 120 minutes. The entire treatment is a well-thought out process, starting with a body scrub followed by a rejuvenating body massage that is sure to melt any tension away.


5. Ikeda Spa

787 Bukit Timah Rd

Singapore 269762


What could be more endearing than spending time with your partner? The answer: spending it with your partner in the form of a couples’ wellness experience at Ikeda Spa. Priced at $700 for 120 minutes, the spa’s Couple’s Hanami Retreat is one of the most luxurious spa packages around. It includes a relaxing lavender body scrub and champagne rose onsen to restore the skin’s glow and healthfulness. Quality time with your loved one and a soothing and invigorating spa session; what more can you ask for?


Although spas are to be considered an occasional treat, it can definitely help to restore vitality and rejuvenate the soul. With today’s fast pace of living, having the opportunity to take things easy and not have a care in the world certainly has its appeal. Given the chance, it is an experience that you simply must try!