Top picks in Singapore - Yoga studios

Top picks in Singapore - Yoga studios

by Pamela Ng 21 Feb 2020

Looking for a workout that is relaxing and calming, yet hits all the right areas? Then look no further than yoga. The unique movements that are embodied in this artistic form of workout are sure to stretch your muscles, build strength in your body and bring calm to your mind. If you’re still searching for the special someplace to scratch your yoga itch, here’s a list of yoga studios that you can explore:


1. AlphaBalance Wellness

Armed with experienced professionals and consultants, the team leading this group is committed in promoting the joys and benefits of yoga. You can be sure to catch them around as the yoga sessions take place in various outdoor locations, such as Botanic Gardens and East Coast, and Duxton and Bukit Timah for indoor studio classes.


2. Como Shambhala

If you think yoga is easy and doesn’t challenge your limits, Como Shambhala will change your mind. The sessions are centred on addressing power, strength and stamina. The stretches and poses utilised are designed to improve your body’s alignment and focus on your form. Who says yoga is easy?


3. The Yoga Co

Everyone starts somewhere, even in yoga. If you are a beginner and would like to build a solid foundation in the practice of yoga, this studio is the one for you. Besides teaching yoga movements, there is also an emphasis on breathing techniques. It’s the small things that make up a great yoga practice!


4. Yoga Movement

Popular and packed with value, Yoga Movement is the perfect place for a yoga practitioner on a budget. With a high participant number for each session, the rates are kept at a reasonable level but you can still enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and camaraderie with other fellow yogis. There are classes that focus on various yoga techniques, so feel free to try out a different one each time!


5. Yoga Instiinct

While yoga is typically viewed as a very traditional art form, the team at Yoga Instiinct take a more contemporary approach to their practice while taking the effort to ensure that the basic tenets of yoga remain unblemished. Classes cover a wider variety of preferences, from teaching the basic poses and asanas to more high-energy HIIT-focused routines and even the ever-popular Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga.


Being a holistic workout, yoga targets multiple aspects of the body, mind and soul. If you think it’s easy because the movements are slow, then try it out for yourself at one of these studios and see if your belief holds true!