Top picks in Sydney – Yoga studios

Top picks in Sydney – Yoga studios

by Natalie L 11 Jan 2020

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is known for being a bustling yet beautiful metropolis. If you are currently residing in this city, you would probably already be familiar with the busy lifestyles and packed schedules. Nevertheless, in the midst of the hubbub lie many world-class yoga studios to help keep you active and rejuvenated. If you are looking to enhance your current yoga experience or to simply try out a new fitness routine, be sure to explore some of these yoga studios to unwind and to rediscover your inner self.  


One Hot Yoga & Pilates

32 Kellett St, Potts Point 2011 New South Wales


Offering unlimited mat classes for just $35 a week, membership at the One Hot Yoga & Pilates is a steal, making it a top choice for many aspiring yoga enthusiasts. One Hot Yoga ensures that its sessions feature a good balance between ancient practice and contemporary lifestyle, allowing the sessions to be unique and pleasurable. With its philosophy of living well, you can expect to feel rejuvenated after each session here.


The Space Studio

Level 2, 400 Barangaroo Avenue. Barangaroo New South Wales 2000


Busy at work? Unable to find time to incorporate an active lifestyle into your hectic work schedule? If so, the Space Studio is for you! Conveniently located at Barangaroo, The Space Studio is a perfect studio to visit for lunch time workout. Offering a range of workouts conducted by expert trainers (such as Barre, Vinyasa and Pilates), sessions at The Space Studio ensure that you feel recharged for the rest of your day at work.


In Yoga

115-117 Cooper St, Surry Hills New South Wales 2010


Offering a wide range of classes such as Meditation, Prenatal Yoga and Yin Yoga, In Yoga caters to nearly every individual and need! The spacious and elegant studio design which greets you at the entrance already eases you into a relaxed mood. If that's not enough to convince you, how does the prospect of practicing yoga to live music sound?


Sky Lab

Suite 405, Level 4 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills


Looking to spice up your yoga routine? Aerial Yoga might just be what you need! Sky Lab offers amazing aerial yoga courses, including Aerial Pilates, Aerial Barre and spinning courses. Crafting lessons of different intensities and difficulty levels, Sky Lab ensures that its sessions cater to individuals of different proficiencies and preferences.


Zen Sessions

Hacienda, 61 Macquarie St, Sydney New South Wales 2000


Zen Sessions is the epitome of a luxurious yoga experience by the harbour. Be awed by the beautiful scenery of Sydney as you re-connect with your mind and soul at this boutique studio. Classes here range from dynamic to slow flow yoga and are tailored to individuals of all levels. Finding your “inner zen” is for sure to be an aesthetically pleasing experience at this chic and beautiful studio.


If you are looking to incorporate some holistic wellness into your daily life, do give one of these yoga studios in town a visit! With their overarching focus on mindfulness and living well, you can expect to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and reinvigorated after each of your workouts!