Top picks in Texas – Gyms

Top picks in Texas – Gyms

by Eunice Chua 01 Jan 2020

Everything's bigger in Texas! As the second biggest state in the United States, there is definitely no shortage of excellent gyms to visit in Texas, which also happens to boast some of the best strength and conditioning programmes in the country. Here are some of the Lone Star State's best, handpicked for the unique features they offer.


1. Dallas Strength and Conditioning

5626 Maple Ave #140, Dallas, TX 75235, USA


Dallas Strength and Conditioning has built up such a solid reputation over its 25 years of business that you simply have to give its sessions a try when you're in town. Specialising in strength training and fat-burning workouts, you will definitely get a lot of hands-on work with barbells and other heavy lifting equipment at this gym.


2. Youfit

5151 Antoine Dr #8B, Houston, TX 77092, USA


Gyms can be daunting places for beginners but thankfully there are facilities that allow you to work out at a more casual, relaxed pace. Youfit’s welcoming environment caters to the inexperienced gymgoers, offering really affordable rates at $10 per month. Don’t miss the group classes at the gym – there are elderly-friendly sessions too!


3. Fit Athletic Club

1200 McKinney St #444, Houston, TX 77010, USA


If the regular gym experience isn’t enough, take it up a notch at Fit Athletic Club where you can expect more than just your usual suspects. At this gym, you get to work out to a stunning aerial view of the city and treat yourself to either a massage therapy or a spa after your workout.


4. Facet Seven Fitness

2215 Lawrence St, Houston, TX 77008, USA


Studio Fitness Heights is well-known for its HIIT and CrossFit sessions, offering both group and personal classes for fitness enthusiasts to get a top-notch workout. This 20,000 square foot gym is certainly spacious enough you can also find a variety of other activities such as kickboxing, cycling and yoga. 

5. Clairevista Vitality Club

2001 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, TX 75208, USA


For fitness enthusiasts who are on a diet or looking to lose weight, Clairevista Vitality Club is the perfect gym to go to. The gym conducts weight-loss programmes and offers personal training as well. There’s also a golf turf and swimming pool at this gym, so you’re in for a more well-rounded lifestyle experience.


The range of gyms in Texas is anything but limited, and these locaitons offer some of the more interesting programmes you'll find in the health and wellness landscape. No matter what your fitness level is, you won’t have any trouble here finding a gym to fit your needs!