Top tips for healthy travel

Top tips for healthy travel

by Tessa Wang 10 Feb 2020

In the initial years of my own travels and vacations, it felt like a good idea to jam-pack my itinerary with everything to see and do. Years later, with age and a deeper (or is it different) appreciation of what I want to achieve on my vacations, my pace has definitely gone a lot more laidback. Not to mention, being more mindful of taking better care of myself during holidays, so that I arrive at my destination and come back in top form. 


Here are some of my favourite ways to travel healthy.


Stay hydrated

You would think this golden tip applies to all times and moments, not only when you are on vacation, but still, many of us tend to make light of this, particularly on flights. (Some friends tell me they want to avoid going to the loo during their flight! Well, I suppose those tiny cubicles aren’t the most hygienic of places…) The ventilation in the cabin is not as great as we would like it to be – you will know if you suffer from sinus attacks like me – and the air within is as drying as it can get. Keep yourself hydrated, especially when many flights allow you to bring onboard your own water bottle (fill it up only when you are in the waiting hall). And try to stick to good old water, instead of alcohol or sugared/carbonated drinks.



Sleep-deprived on work days, many of us imagine vacations are good opportunities to catch up on sleep, wake up later to enjoy a leisurely brunch. In reality, many of us end up wanting to maximise the time awake overseas, so we wake up earlier than we do on workdays, and sleep even later in the night. Holidays indeed present a good opportunity to catch up on sleep, to allow our body some rest and to recharge. Take note of climate and temperature conditions at your destination though, so that your sleep quality is not disrupted.

Dress comfortably

We know celebrities have a way with airport fashion. But hey, we don’t have to go through the same pressure and public scrutiny as them. Seasoned travellers would embrace the notion of dressing comfortably for their flight, especially red-eye ones. (hats off to those people who board the plane in their gym gear or sleep attire.) Wear socks to keep your feet from getting chilly, same goes to keeping your neck warm.


Make exercise part of your getaway

Taking the gym gear a step further, why not make working out part of your vacation? Your hotel probably has a gym or pool, given the number of hospitality chains into wellness on holiday. If not, you can always take a morning jog around the vicinity. Or do an easy regime right in your room with streaming workout videos on your mobile device. If you happen to be in a scenic area, why not take a stroll or if bicycle rental is available, a cycle around your neighbourhood? In the very least, take the stairs instead of elevators. It’ll probably help you feel less guilty about all the feasting and bingeing. 


Eat right

Talking about eating, many of us make this a huge part of our holiday (and seriously, why not?). Amid the many temptations, try to still eat a balanced meal, remember your greens and fruits, then work off the unavoidable extras with some exercise. Keep up your vitamins and supplements, they should not be too much of a hassle to pack into your suitcase. Include some healthy snacks, like yogurt, nuts or fruits. 


If you have your own travel tips you swear by, share them with the community. Looking for an active break, why not check out Flight Centre Active Travel’s latest offers.