Travel destinations for Muay Thai enthusiasts

Travel destinations for Muay Thai enthusiasts

by Evigan Xiao 11 Feb 2020

Muay Thai, also known as “the art of eight limbs”, is a combat sport that combines striking with various clinch fighting techniques. Now, if you’re part of a sport that has you using your fists, elbows, knees and shins on a regular basis, chances are that you’ll need a break more than most! But if you can’t bear to be apart from your gloves for any extended period of time, consider some of these holiday destinations (courtesy of Flight Centre Active Travel) the next time you plan your vacation!


Luxury destinations:

1. Thanyapura, Phuket

Aside from being only a 10-minute drive from Phuket airport, Thanyapura also boasts an impressive array of facilities that will spoil even the most discerning of fitness enthusiasts. Muay Thai fans will be glad to hear that both group and one-on-one classes of the sport can be arranged. Aside from that, one can also make full use of their Olympic-sized pools, tennis courts, running track, and functional fitness gym.


2. Chiva-Som, Hua Hin

Being one of the premier wellness retreats in Thailand, Chiva-Som has a long history (over 20 years) of treating its guests right. A stay at this luxurious resort gives you access to eight fitness classes a day, with Muay Thai being just one of them. Other programmes like pilates, TRX, EMS fitness and metabolic breathing might just provide you with the edge you’re looking for training-wise.


No-frills accomodations:

1. Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket

If you’re serious about your sport, then you can’t go wrong with Tiger Muay Thai. Instead of being a resort that offers the sports, you’ll be lodging in a place that’s closer to the concept of a dojo with accomodation options. Aside from Muay Thai, classes also provide instruction on MMA, boxing and yoga. Drop-in class rates also allow a great deal of flexibility so that you won’t have to tie yourself down to a fixed schedule.


2. Rawai Muay Thai, Phuket

Similar to Tiger, Rawai Muay Thai also takes a bare-bones approach to combining Muay Thai with holiday accomodations. One-on-one classes are provided for those who are either looking to hone their craft or who simply fare better under sole supervision. Group classes are scheduled on a daily basis; one in the morning and another in the afternoon. For those who prefer a more “targeted” holiday, it’s hard to beat Rawai Muay Thai when it comes to value


*Do note that FCAT does not contract directly with Tiger and Rawai Muay Thai, but can arrange for travel logistics if you so wish.


Active holidays represent a great way to unwind without reverting to a sedentary lifestyle. As most fitness enthusiasts can attest to, physical activity has its way of relaxing and restoring the body as well. While Muay Thai does clock in a little higher on the intensity scale, who says holidays can’t be an intense experience as well?


Photo Credit: Flight Centre Active Travel