Treat and train; all in one!

Treat and train; all in one!

by Evigan Xiao 11 Jan 2020

The boom of sixties “flower child” culture saw the rise of social communes – entire self-sustaining communities that thrived on wellness and balance. 50 years hence, it seems that things have come full circle as we bear witness to similar incidences within the fitness industry. Hosting several programmes including but not limited to chiropractic, nutrition, osteopathy, boxing, personal training and yoga, Core Collective represents a bold step in a brand-new direction – a co-working model that offers best-in-class services and facilities all under one roof.



While most fitness facilities operate within a self-contained environment, Core Collective adopts a well-rounded and holistic approach to achieving physical and mental rejuvenation. Walking through their doors, one can easily engage in a full-body workout and follow it up with a nutritional consultation. That same individual can also come in for chiropractic treatment and physical therapy without the hassle of having to disrupt their regular travelling schedule.


Conveniently located on 79 Anson Road, Core Collective boasts more than 23,000 sqft of floor space spread across three levels. Members enjoy amenities such as a fully equipped gym, boxing ring, pilates reformers, yoga studios, therapy beds and consultation rooms, all situated within a friendly and cosy environment. There are also two recreational lounges that can be used for both personal leisure and event hosting.



Abdul Rahman, Fitness Manager of Core Collective, explains, “Shifting the focus away from aggressive client sales and recruitment in traditional gyms, we’re setting up our residents for success – which in turn ensures that each client who walks through our doors get the results they deserve.”


Residents of this fitness hub also stand to benefit as much as their clients. Reflecting their commitment towards the success of their in-house professionals, Core Collective utilises a pay-as-you-use model without any capital outlay or long-term lease commitments for maximum flexibility, particularly for self-employed individuals. The presence of auxiliary arrangements such as incorporation and insurance services, shared administrative, billing and laundry services, and access to community networking, events and group marketing means that residents will be able to channel all their resources towards honing their craft and optimising their practice.



The potential for further professional growth is also realised via Core Collective’s Academy, which serves as an in-house source for continuing education and additional certification. Coupled with the accessible downtown location and cross-industry expertise, this allows residents to adopt a two-pronged approach towards achieving industry success – building on clientele and growing their value proposition.


“We're disrupting traditional gym and clinic models to empower self-employment of our residents, at the same time allowing for a greater diversity of fitness and wellness offerings to be served to busy working professional all within a highly accessible downtown location,” shares Michelle Yong, Founder of Core Collective.



The word “balance” is thrown around pretty freely these days. Whether it’s concerning work, health, life or love, a good dose of everything can go a long way towards making your life a more fulfilling and rewarding one. Ultimately, Core Collective’s calling card is one of collaborative care, both towards the client and the practitioner. You don’t need to be a hippie to be able to see the value in that!