Turn everyday experiences into spiritual ones

Turn everyday experiences into spiritual ones

by Rachel Foo 17 Oct 2018

How does one become spiritual? It can be something as simple as taking a few seconds every morning to appreciate the little things in life. It can also be about taking a nice stroll in the park, meditating before bed or even preparing a meal. It can be any experience that you find fulfilling and nurturing. As such, bringing this experience into your everyday life can be a much simpler process than most would imagine. Here are some experiences you may wish to consider experimenting with:


  • Social media

When you scroll through your social media feed, you may wish to unfollow/hide certain people or posts that trigger a negative reaction. Look out for people who are on the same page as you that are supportive and share your feelings on experiences (good or bad). You will see and know that the people who respond to your posts are reacting to the genuine you.


  • Food

Growing up in a Chinese family, rice and noodles are the staple foods. When I went on the ketogenic diet, I was worried about two things: that I wouldn't be able to survive such a drastic change of cutting out my staples and that my family would not be supportive of it. Thankfully, I stayed positive and was grateful that the food I was putting in my body was contributing to my health goals. I was also extremely thankful that my family was supportive of my new lifestyle choice.


  • Work

Gossiping and making meaningless or aggressive comments amongst your colleagues may happen from time to time. You may also find yourself eating at your desk and only stepping out when you’re leaving work. Don’t worry, we have done at least one of these things at some point in our work life. To take a more spiritual approach, you need to be aware that what you are doing may not be good for your health and mental well-being. Instead of pointing out the negatives right away, take a breather and focus on the positives before you react. Take a break from sitting every now and then and go for a short walk to sort out your thoughts before heading back to your desk.


  • Relationships

I have a clique from my school days that I still keep in touch with. We meet up at least once or twice a month for dinner or if it’s someone’s birthday. The fact that it has been more than 10 years since we graduated doesn’t keep us from wanting to saty up to date with one another. Not only do we share our problems, we also share our happiness and passions. It is very inspiring to be surrounded by people who are driven and would lift your spirits while challenging you along the way. Spend time with people who you trust to improve the quality of your life, both mentally and spiritually.


  • Money

It is important to understand and acknowledge that you are worth every penny that you earn or stand to earn. There’s no need to feel ashamed or sheepish when you ask for a better salary. Concordantly, take a second to show gratitude every time you receive your paycheck. Internalise the fact that it is okay to have that much money. Keep the good karma going by sharing what you’ve earned. Give some money to your parents, your younger siblings, or a charitable cause, for example.


Don’t let negativity influence the way you live your life. Sure, you’ll get bad vibes every now and then, but like the line in that famous song goes, “always look on the bright side of life” (cue whistling). Start small and soak up the positivity along the way. Once you turn it into a habit, you’ll be a master of making even the most mundane of experiences into a spiritual and fulfilling one.