Uncover your inner beauty

Uncover your inner beauty

by Rachel Foo 25 Jan 2020

Typically, when asked to describe the most beautiful person one has ever seen, the train of thought would revolve around the physical aspects of beauty: high cheekbones, pouty lips, crystal-clear skin, etc.. What about inner beauty? It exists beyond the physical and reflects a person’s character and confidence. While beauty that is only skin-deep only fades in time, what lies beneath the surface is something far more long-lasting. Getting in touch with that aspect of oneself is a journey that everyone should take as it reminds us of how we are much more than we appear.


  • Start with what you love

You may start by asking yourself which parts of your body are you most fond of? For example, my favourite part is my shoulder. Now, this may sound a tad cheesy, but get a journal and write about why that is your favourite part and don’t be afraid to be 100% honest. Once you are done writing, read it back to yourself. Feel better?


  • Identify a part of your body that you do not really like

At the same time, pen down three points that you are thankful for about it. It could be something like, “I am thankful for my chubby fingers as they help me pick up things. Without my fingers, I will not be able to write, type or stroke my partner’s face.”


  • Take care of yourself

Maybe you would like to give your skin a break and go without makeup for certain activities such as exercising, going for a walk or grocery shopping. Make sure you keep your body well-nourished with proper eating habits too. Self-care isn’t just about addressing what’s on the outside; it’s also about keeping the inner you well-nourished


  • Redefine your beauty ideals

Beauty is not always about perfection as you may or may not already know. A person’s flaws, like a scar, grey hair or wrinkles often tell a story that is beautiful in its own right. With that knowledge in mind, take a look around you. Do you now see the beauty that is people living out their lives the best way they know how, making it akin to the weaving of a one-of-a-kind tapestry? You have that in you as well!


  • Find something meaningful to do

Think of what you can do to give back to the community. Volunteering, performing random acts of kindness or lending a helping hand to your neighbours or family members - by taking the time off to focus on something other than yourself on a regular basis, not only are you doing something meaningful, you are also engaging with the community by serving a purpose other than your own.

Whenever I am in a room full of people, I enjoy observing how people interact. From the sea of faces, you should be able to spot some who seems to be “glowing” with happiness. You can feel their confidence exude from within and it makes you want to get to know them better. That person can easily be you! Tapping into that inner beauty of yours is not that difficult; you just have to be aware of how you feel, deal with it accordingly, and keep loving yourself!