Using exercise to combat jet lag

Using exercise to combat jet lag

by Pamela Ng 19 Feb 2020

Travelling is fun and an amazing experience, but the jetlag that tags along certainly isn’t. Jetlag is a pain because it disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm and interrupts even the most sound of sleep cycles. If you want to get your body right again, consider using exercise, and here’s how:


1. Do any exercise you like

The great thing about exercising to combat jetlag is that you can do any form of exercise you like. Whether it is swimming, running or hitting the gym, the type of exercise does not matter. When it comes to combatting jetlag, doing something light and consistent can be more helpful than doing something hard but only once.


2. Exercise at the same time

Just like having a relatively fixed and regular sleeping time, exercising at the fixed time can help to beat the jetlag. It creates a routine for your body, helping it to adjust back to your regular body clock.


3. Go out in the day

Exposing your body to the sun can help your body to adjust back to your actual time zone. The morning light wavelengths are different from the evening ones, and being outdoors can help your body readjust itself. You may find it difficult to wake up in the beginning but steadfast determination, you’ll be able to get your body clock back on track!


4. Resist napping

As much as possible, stop yourself from napping. Not only does it make adjusting your circadian rhythm more difficult, but it also makes you less likely to fall asleep when it’s time to. If you must, grab a cup of tea or coffee to keep yourself awake, or pop on your earphones to catch up on missed shows.


Getting back to your regular sleeping pattern can take lots of effort, even with the above tips. However, the restfulness that becomes with sleep that’s both on time and consistent cannot be understated, especially when you’re trying to enjoy yourself while on holiday!